“How can we build an IT services company that is highly flexible and responsive to client needs?”

That was the question that partners Scott Clarke and Mike Mendez asked about fifteen years ago when they started Menark Technologies.

At the time both were working in IT but saw that the current strategies employed by IT support firms weren’t meeting the needs of a lot of the small to mid-size businesses in the Tri-State area. Sure, the big corporations could afford C-level, in-house IT professionals to troubleshoot problems and answer the daily questions of employees…but what about the little guy?

So, Mike and Scott decided to deliver IT Support and IT Help Desk services in a way that was both client-focused and affordable for a growing business.

From the beginning, their goal was to take the burden of IT maintenance and support off your shoulders, giving you the time to enact pro-growth strategies for your business.

What’s the deal with the Menark name?

“Menark” is a combination of our founders’ last names! When we combine the talent of Mike Mendez and put it together with the skillset of Scott Clarke and our outstanding employees, we get Menark Technologies – the best IT support company serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware, and Maryland!

What’s Different About the Menark Way?

  • Virtual – Because we haven’t invested in expensive brick-and-mortar facilities, we are able to hire the best IT support staff in the industry and equip them with all the tools they need to effectively meet your company’s daily IT requirements.
  • Relaxed and Friendly – We don’t believe in making IT support complicated, expensive, or confusing. Our staff will use plain English – not tech speak – to explain what we do or what fixes need to be applied to your systems.
  • High Employee Satisfaction and Retention – Our technicians like working for us! That’s the bottom line. We treat them well, and they treat our clients with the same friendly care and respect.
  • Sponsoring Local Sports Teams – We love sports! One of the ways we give back to the community is in sponsoring children’s and adult sports activities. We believe in helping people stay active and healthy.
  • Helping Local Non-Profits with Their Events – Some of our clients are in the non-profit space. We enjoy partnering with them to make a difference in the life of our community and communities they serve around the world.

IT Services and Help Desk Services that Deliver

Menark Technologies is your one-stop shop for all your computer and business IT support!

We specialize in a wide range of services, including tailored IT services and solutions for small and medium businesses, as well as residents of the Tri-State area.

We are committed to providing every one of our clients with high-quality Help Desk service and business technology support.


Because, when we keep your IT systems running at full speed, you can get more done and make greater profits!

It’s a simple as that.

IT Services – Customized for YOUR Business Success

Our recommendations are always tailored to fit your workflow and processes.

We partner with your team to survey how your current IT infrastructure protects and supports your productivity. From there, we expertly combine our IT services with your business needs and growth plans to provide complete solutions that will help your business grow.

Let us leverage technology to help you take your company to the next plateau of growth. Contact our friendly staff now at (866) 339-0959 or info@menark.com to begin a no-obligation conversation about your company’s IT support and Help Desk needs.