Managed IT Solutions – Working to
Save You Time and Resources

We want to take away the stress that managing IT services adds to your business. By working with Menark Technologies, we lighten the load, allowing you to focus on running your business while we keep your business up and running.Our reliable, high-performing managed IT solutions keep your businesses on track. We manage the hardware, software, networks, printers and phone systems you use each day. Menark’s managed services encompass storage, virtualization IT, cloud IT solutions, collaboration IT, mobility and more. We will perform asset management, as well as manage your security, backup and disaster recovery. Above all, our technology keeps you connected with your clients.

Managed IT Services

Business Benefits of Managed IT Solutions

Focus on You

You help us determine which parts of your infrastructure you keep in house, you collocate or host with us and which provide the best value when delivered in the cloud. You hire us to cover what you need.

Improve Your Strategy

We define the best IT strategy for your business and then design a solid and flexible architecture. Afterwards, we evaluate that architecture and implement the products and services that will become a part of it. Lastly, we monitor it all to ensure you are always up and running.

Strengthen Your Team

Our Virtual CIOs, engineers, technicians and IT support staff have certifications that encompass virtually every major manufacturer standard and methodology. We keep your IT assets under control by ensuring your licenses are up to date, taking inventory of all your hardware and tracking your warranties.
Together, Growing Your Business with Managed IT Services