Legal IT Project Management Support

Keeping clients satisfied and costs low are the two constant profitability pressures that law firms and legal practices face on a daily basis. Technology plays a major role in handling both, and Menark Technologies’ legal and law firm IT services help attain that success and practice growth.

We implement practice management systems, online research tools, private networks, unified communications, cloud services for law firms, customer relationship management (CRM) and more to meet the IT support needs of your firm. We match the technology profile of maintaining large and expensive internal IT services for bigger law firms. For boutique firms that only have a fraction of that infrastructure, we work hard so their investment and total cost of ownership (TCO) is justified. Either way, we deliver affordable legal IT services to reduce the cost of buying and managing technology.

Benefits of Legal IT Services for Lawyers

System Migrations

Server & Network Monitoring

Law Firm Applications

Content Management Systems

IT Project Management

Business Phone Services

Advantages of IT Support for Law Firms

Top Performance

You cannot afford unreliable performance or even downtime from your systems that handle important tasks like case management, research and unified communications; it’s a detriment to your bottom line. Menark’s IT services keep your systems running smoothly so you can improve your productivity and continue to grow.

Client Relations

Your clients have a constant interaction with your technology every day through phone systems, video conferencing, account management and document sharing. Customer perceptions of your firm are based on how well your technology runs. We make sure this interaction is solid and efficient.

Lower Costs

We help you gain complete control of your business costs. The first is the cost of owning and licensing technology. Second, the operational cost to keep that technology running smoothly. Then, finally, the costs you incur when you fall out of compliance.


With mobile devices, your team can make decisions and collaborate anytime and anywhere. Those devices must be connected to your network, identified, inventoried and monitored. We do it all for you to ensure that your team members can stay productive wherever they may be.


Business-on-the-go, while beneficial, still allows for new potential risks. A lost phone, hacking event or lost client data can ruin your reputation. However, our managed IT support services make sure your technology is bulletproof and guards against risks 24/7.