Google Doesn’t Have All the Answers! Get Complete IT Support from Menark.

Tired of clicking through endless pages of tech info or rooting through owner’s manuals to find the answer you need?

Sick of losing BIG money as a result of IT problems?

Here’s the deal…

You’re great at what YOU do.

But you don’t have the time, energy, or interest to learn how IT works – much less do all of the tedious work involved with IT maintenance.

You have to do all of those little things that grow your business!

With IT support from Menark, all you have to do to get the help you need is pick up the phone or send an email!

Then, the Menark team enters the picture and saves the day!

With Menark on your side, you’ll never have to face IT issues alone.

We have certified, experienced professionals who will assist you with:

  • Server or Desktop Operating Systems
  • Mobile Devices
  • Productivity Applications
  • Printing
  • Network and Access Issues
  • Anything related to IT

Tired of missing deadlines, late deliverables, and angry clients?  Let us help you get things done and preserve your valuable reputation.

How do we deliver top-shelf IT support for your company?

We’re glad you asked!

Help Desk Tickets can be created by our clients by sending an email to our helpdesk.

Or, just call in for support!

We will then assess the issue and assign it to the right staff member to fix the problem or answer your question.

Our IT support service and the timeframe guarantees are outlined in our service level agreement.

It’s that simple!

We offer:

  • Quick Response

Your time is valuable! We won’t make you wait.

  • Qualified & Caring Techs

Our people are invested in your success. We’ll leap into action.

  • Questions Answered

No question is too small or silly. We have the answers you need.

What happens when you call us for IT help?


We will send you an automated email reply noting that your request has been received.


We’ll send you a service ticket number so you can track the progress of your request within our customer portal.


Once the ticket has been created, we evaluate it and assign the best resource to handle your request.


Our staff member assigned to your request will send you an email and follow up by phone if necessary.


You will receive system-generated, automatic updates based on the rules of our workflow.

Get the right team with the right answers on your side!

Stuff happens. – It’s just a fact of life.

At some point, one of your employees is going to do something ummm…. stupid.

It’ll take them a second or two to admit that they’ve clicked on a “suspicious” link.

You’re going to need to give us a call.

We’ll be there.

You need a password reset, an employee added or deleted, or maybe just an answer about your Office 365 setup?

We’ll be there.

Never Struggle with Technology Again!

The Menark team is on YOUR side and ready to help.

Contact our friendly staff now and ask about our Help Desk service. (866) 339-0959 or