Your days are hectic and your schedule is demanding.

You enjoy working with your patients – helping them to be healthy and to feel well.  It’s frustrating to have to give time that could be devoted to helping people to dealing with technology breakdowns and speedbumps.

We understand. – And we’ve helped dozens of other healthcare professionals move away from IT maintenance and get back to doing what they love.

Technology isn’t your passion, but it is ours. 

We’ll help you maximize what you currently have, and implement cutting-edge solutions to give you.

  • Security
  • Productivity
  • Efficiency
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Collaboration
  • Cloud Flexibility
  • HIPAA Compliance

Healthcare technology is helpful. It allows you to get a lot more done in the course of a work week. It’s certainly more efficient than the old days of paper patient charts, filing cabinets, and snail-mail patient record transmission.

But along with these advances come sophisticated technological requirements and changes, and it’s hard to keep on top of everything.

Until now, you’ve been trying to manage everything in-house.  But it’s taking you and your team away from the work you need to get done and the patients you need to see in a day.

You’re not a tech person, and you didn’t hire your staff to do IT support work.  Trying to do it all is beginning to weigh on you.

We have great news for you! The friendly Menark team is ready to make technology easy for you again. We have the skills to make your IT frustrations a thing of the past.

The healthcare industry is governed by rigorous compliance standards

HIPAA must be strictly followed, and failure to do so results in severe penalties.  How severe?  Severe enough to make a lasting impact on your wallet AND your reputation—possibly even ruin your business. Keeping up with compliance standards and legislation is a full-time job.  Your team is trying your best, but you wonder if somewhere along the line you are missing something that might come back to haunt you later. – We’ll take that worry off your mind and give you confidence in your compliance standing.

What Menark Can Do For You

Outsourcing your IT needs could be the one thing that makes a difference for your healthcare business this year.  Partnering with Menark frees you and your staff to care for the needs of your patients. Why stay late doing endless computer updates, upgrades, and patches? Let us do all that automatically, and give yourself more time with family and friends.

We deliver holistic IT maintenance!

  • Remote monitoring to ensure security
  • HIPAA-compliant data centers for assurance that patient health records are being appropriately secured and stored
  • The ability to meet and exceed HIPAA Omnibus requirements
  • An easily-budgeted monthly payment that delivers predictable costs
  • Management of vendor services – including EMR suppliers and others
  • Optimization of IT systems to enhance workflow
  • Paperless office options

Whatever your IT support needs, Menark will deliver!

What’s the Cost for IT with Menark Technologies?

Many healthcare business leaders don’t explore IT management options because they assume that outsourcing their technology needs to a professional services provider is just out of their reach financially. As a result, they continue to suffer – limping along on their own—never really reaching their full potential.  With Menark, you get all the IT support you need for a price that you can afford.

Let’s get started!  Contact the Menark IT experts now at (866) 339-0959 or to find out what a partnership with Menark can do for your healthcare business.

We look forward to hearing from you.