Decisions, Decisions, Decisions….hire a network administrator or managed IT services company?

In the modern world, technology is what drives business. You utilize technology to keep your data secure, serve your customers, foster collaboration in the workplace and speed up your internal processes. In fact, as your business grows, you may find it increasingly difficult to operate any facet of your company without technology.

Since most of the technology is connected to some type of network, it requires ongoing monitoring and management to ensure that the entire system operates smoothly throughout each workday. So, the question becomes, who is going to manage that network? Who has the time and, more importantly, the skill and education necessary to maintain your IT infrastructure?

You have three choices. The first choice is to let one of your team members do it ‘on the side’ — meaning, in addition to their other job responsibilities. However, you’ve been down the road, and you know that it inevitably leads to disaster. So, now you are ready to invest in professional who has the capability of taking care of your information technology. This leaves with you two choices: hire an in-house administrator or find an outsourced managed IT services company.

Hiring A Managed IT Services Company In Philadelphia

Hiring Network Administrator

Your first option is to hire an in-house network administrator. The administrator assumes responsibility for everything inside your network. This includes computers, software cabling, equipment, Wi-Fi, cybersecurity, all devices, and machines — the list is endless. The administrator can also play a role in helping the business grow by developing a scalable and sustainable model for the company.

The most significant advantage of having an in-house admin is that someone is always on-site. Having someone on the team also present a benefit if you are trying to create a team atmosphere and see the network administrator as an integral member.

The biggest drawback to hiring an admin is the cost. Associated expenses include a healthy salary (most people in IT don’t work cheap), a benefits package, vacation time, an office, supplies, a budget for equipment, and any other costs of hiring an employee. You will continuously be bombarded with requests for every kind of technology under the sun.

In addition, you also need to ask yourself if this person will fill up the hours. If an administrator is good, they will work themselves out of a job. Translation: they will mitigate IT problems, prevent security breaches, and ensure business continuity. Do you need to hire a person full-time if they can’t find enough work throughout the day?

Outsourcing Managed IT Services

Outsourcing your IT management to another company may seem odd at first. After all, why would you want to handle your most sensitive business data over to strangers? However, more and more businesses are outsourcing their IT as the industry grows, and companies prove their worth.

managed IT company does the same thing as an administrator only from a remote location. The company handles your cloud platforms, security, all hardware and software, cabling, communication, upgrades, and data storage & protection. An IT company can help you meet compliance issues, keep your system safe, and keep you updated on the most current technology.

From a financial standpoint, you will save hundreds of dollars in administrative and employment costs by outsourcing instead of hiring in-house. Plus, a managed IT company can handle problems just a quickly as an admin can through remote help desk services. In essence, there is virtually nothing that an admin can do that a managed IT company cannot do. The difference is that you save more money, and you have a team of specialists working for you instead of just one person.

Reliable IT Services in Philadelphia

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Published By: Scott Clarke on June 11th, 2019