Office 365—Today’s Best IT Solution for Business

Remember the good old days when the software “giants” of choice were Word and Word Perfect? Options for word processing and spreadsheets were so limited back then. Presentation software enabled users to make very humble slides, and video content was not even an option. But times are changing!

Technology has made tremendous advancements enabling business owners to producer slick, professional content from the comfort of their own offices. But the truth is, it’s not just about creating high-quality advertising pieces. Today’s software solutions are all about making your business more efficient and productive.

We deliver Office 365 Services to enable your business to get more done in a workday.

  • Email Migration to Office 365
  • Office 365 Setup
  • Office 365 Integration and Automation
  • Employee Office 365 Training
  • Office 365 Security and Data Backup
  • Help Desk for Office 365 Questions

Office 365 is the software of choice today for the business world.

Perhaps you already have it in your IT infrastructure. The question we have for you is—are you maximizing its potential for productivity? Are you getting everything out of Office 365 that you could and should be?

While Office 365 is very user-friendly, there are certainly some features that require expert knowledge set up and configure to your workflow. Still then, your office staff has to be taught how to leverage that functionality.

Are you using all the perks that Office 365 offers?

Good question. And Menark Technologies has the answer. Menark is your comprehensive managed IT services provider with Office 365 expertise. We know Office 365, and we know how to deliver pro-growth IT support for your industry. We have the proven skills you need to help you get the most from the technology you already have.

What Office 365 with Menark Technologies Can Deliver for Your Business

One of the main advantages of Office 365 is that it is a system your staff has already been using. This means that less time is spent in training, and less money is spent working out the “kinks” of a new software system. It’s simply enhancing a product you already love and use on a daily basis.

Let us deliver more efficiency combining IT Services with Office 365 support!

  • High-volume collaboration—With Office 365, your staff can access critical documents and data wherever they happen to be and from any device. Your overall productivity stays on target—or even improves—even when staff is in the field.
  • Effortless synchronization—Menark Technologies will get and keep all your mobile, tablet, desktop, and laptop computers on the same page through automated and ongoing synchronization giving your staff access to the latest collaborative Office 365 capabilities for their team-based tasks.
  • Integrated communications—Communication has never been simpler with Office 365. We keep your office in touch 24/7/365.
  • Ongoing scalability—Office 365 grows with you! No more paying for things you don’t use. We can scale your Office 365 with the growth of your business to save you money.
  • Advanced proactive security solutions—Security is the name of the game today, and its importance cannot be overestimated. We use a proactive approach to your IT needs by continuous monitoring of your systems. We search for vulnerabilities and potential risks to shore them up long before they could ever become a problem.
  • Data Protection including backup, recovery, and restoration services –Nothing is ever truly lost with Office 365 from Menark Technologies. No matter what is going on around you—we’ve got you covered. We’ll enable access to all your critical information precisely when you need it.
  • Upgrades and licensing updates—All upgrades and updates are included in your monthly service fee for Office 365 with Menark Technologies.
  • Affordable, flat-rate monthly fee-based pricing—Worried outsourcing your IT services and Office 365 support is just more than you can afford? Let Menark Technologies craft the ideal plan for you to fit your budget. We don’t believe the tools you need to succeed should break the bank, and it is our company mandate to provide all the IT you need at a price point that you can afford.

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