Disasters don’t usually come with a warning. They just happen…

And if your business isn’t prepared, you’re just out of luck.

But if you give us a call at (866) 339-0959, we’ll make sure that you have the Data Backup and Business Continuity processes in place to handle whatever headaches may come your way.

So, when your data goes up in a puff of smoke with your server or gets locked down by ransomware, you’ll be glad that you thought ahead and talked to one of our IT support professionals.

You see…

Data Backup and Business Continuity are about much more than getting up and running again if you experience a flood or fire.

  • It’s about your client’s confidential information.
  • It’s about preserving your company’s excellent
  • It’s about having your operational data at your fingertips 24/7.
  • It’s about protecting your investment.
  • It’s about securing your employee’s jobs.
  • It’s about meeting your deadlines and keeping clients happy.

Why companies just like yours are looking to Menark to guard their data and prepare them for the unexpected.

Usually, it’s not fire or the tidal wave that rolls down main street that’s going to wreak havoc with your IT systems and leave you without access to your applications and data. It’s more likely that your server will die or a water pipe above it will burst and drown it. It’s not always the big things that should make you worry. Sure, fire, floods, earthquakes…they happen…and when they do, they cost business owners big money. But what you’re more likely to face is a disgruntled employee causing trouble as they walk out the door, a ransomware attack, or an extended local power outage.

None of these things should stop you and your team from delivering on your deadlines!

Menark specializes in disaster avoidance. We set up your systems so that data-access interruptions are only a blip on the radar – not a catastrophe that takes down your entire business.

We accomplish the goal of 99.99% up-time by maintaining your systems at a high level and working with you to systematically eliminate older technology that is in service long past its expected lifespan.

Once we have your IT environment working like a well-oiled machine, we then do the regular backups and take the necessary steps to lock it down against productivity-killing ransomware and malware.

How do we deliver industry-leading Data Backup and Business Continuity?

  • Onsite backups – for speedy data restore if necessary.
  • Offsite, cloud-based backups – in case your local facility is compromised by fire, flood, or criminal activity.
  • Automatic backups – so you don’t even have to think about it.
  • Monitored and reported backups – so you have verification that the backups have been completed and are available.
  • Encrypted backups – keeping your data safe in transit and at rest
  • Entire system backups – everything in your system (operating system, applications, and data files)
  • Simple data and system recovery – use your entire system virtually on any machine at another WIFI-enabled location in the event of disaster

Not every business is going to have ten feet of floodwater roll into their workspace or experience the devastating effects of fire or natural disaster. But EVERY SINGLE business will eventually suffer pain as a result of localized power outages, hardware malfunction, or criminal act. Don’t let these challenges knock you off your game! Partner with us to protect your data and enable you to do business, regardless of what comes your way.

Professional Data Backup and Business Continuity Strategies are just a phone call away!

Let’s get started! Contact the Menark team now at (866) 339-0959 or info@menark.com to begin a no-obligation conversation about your company’s IT support requirements.