CyberSecurity – Protecting Your Company & Preserving Your Investment

Your company is valuable and must be protected. Unfortunately, there are criminals that are targeting businesses of all sizes. They try to gain access to your network to steal information they can sell on the dark web as well as passwords and account numbers that they can use themselves to steal money and identities. To put it simply, your business needs cyber-security services from Menark.

Our cybersecurity professionals will lock down your network and put walls of protection in place to guard against unauthorized access from threats such as:

  • Hackers
  • Ransomware
  • Trojan Horses
  • Adware
  • Malware
  • Spyware

By partnering with the IT security professionals of Menark, your employees will gain the confidence they need to do business online – knowing that they, their workstations, and their work product are secure.

This level of daily IT security management leads to other business benefits such as:

  • More Up-time – Hackers, malware, and spyware are notorious for causing computer crashes and slowdowns. This, obviously, causes your employees to lose time that should be used to be productive and costs you money both in lost production revenue but also in remediation expenses.
  • Reputation Protection – Your clients rely on you to protect the confidential information they hand over to you as part of the business transaction process. If you don’t properly secure their private data, your reputation as a trustworthy company is at risk.
  • Greater Productivity – When your employees constantly have to do security updates and patches, important work isn’t getting done. By partnering with Menark for superior IT security, you get all your security patches, and upgrades implemented automatically and monitored constantly. Our security management and monitoring take the burden off your employees so they can get more of their work done.

What we include in our IT Security Services offering:

  • Cyber-Security Assessment – surveying your system to discover potential holes in your current systems
  • Cyber-Security Remediation – repairing any security issues that we find in our initial cyber-security assessment.
  • Securing Endpoints – preventing unauthorized devices from connecting to your network
  • Secure WIFI – allowing your employees and your clients to login to your system in a way that protects their privacy and your confidential data
  • Firewall Management – setting up your firewall appliance and initializing it with the correct settings and updates.
  • 24/7 Monitoring – watching over your entire system in real time to see and respond to any anomalies that may indicate an emerging issue
  • Mobile Device Security – setting up your mobile devices to interact seamlessly with your network without becoming points of vulnerability
  • Antivirus Protection – implementing business-class anti-virus solutions to protect you from adware, malware, spyware, and ransomware
  • Email Security – securing your email with filtering protocols and encryption
  • Data Backup – protecting your business from ransomware and disasters caused by Mother Nature and human error

Your business can’t afford a cyber-attack.

Each component of your IT environment must be examined for vulnerabilities, and those IT security holes must be patched. Too many business leaders think, “It won’t happen to us.” But when breaches keep happening to the big players in the marketplace, what makes you think it won’t happen to you? They have the money to hire entire teams of internal IT specialists.

The truth is, the small to mid-size business is an easy target for cyber-criminals.

It’s time to make YOUR business a target that’s too much trouble for the criminals to attack. — Make them move on to someone else. Protect your reputation, your investment, your clients and your staff now by partnering with Menark!

Contact us now at (866) 339-0959 or and get the confidence your team needs to do business safely online every day!