Managed IT Solutions for Small Businesses

Menark Technologies recognizes that you are the experts in your field of business. We are the experts who manage your business IT solutions. There are many benefits that coincide with leveraging a managed IT service provider. That’s why many mid-sized businesses turn to Menark.

Our tools, support, and IT solutions for small businesses enable you to eliminate downtime, save money and increase efficiency. We simply take away the hassle of managing small business IT services, allowing you to place your focus on growing your company.

Benefits of Small Business IT Support

Enhanced System Security

Firewall Installation & Management

Disaster Backup & Recovery

Reduced Overall IT Costs

Network & Server Management

Cloud Computing

Advantages of Small Business IT Support

IT Policies & Procedures

Small IT challenges can turn your business upside down causing financial loss, customer repercussions and even legal problems. With Menark, prevention is the first step to keeping your business safe. We audit your processes and implement security practices at all vulnerable points.

Speed, Reliability, Scalability

We use tier-1 backbone providers and gigabits of bandwidth capacity to deliver maximum speed, reliability and scalability. Increasing data growth is also covered with petabyte storage potential on the back end.

Mobile Security

We treat your mobile devices with the same levels of protection as your networks, servers and desktops. Our SMB IT solutions, such as encryption and remote wipe capabilities, for mobile devices ensure that a lost device never puts your business in jeopardy.

Password Strengthening

Simple passwords make your entire system more vulnerable to threats. We implement password expiration in applications and require password resets more frequently to make your system more secure.

IT Resources

Maintaining IT hardware can be time-consuming and expensive for small businesses. We recommend embracing virtualization technologies and moving to virtual environments because it allows us to handle your business hardware giving you more efficient use of your capital and staff.

Eliminate Downtime

Any downtime at all is the enemy against small businesses. The last thing you need is business-critical computing to be interrupted and the disruptions of other systems in the process. We work to decrease and even eliminate downtime for your business.