Improve Productivity with Virtualization Services

Menark Technologies gives your business better and stronger ways to integrate and manage systems faster using server utilization and consolidation. Through our virtualization services, your IT systems are less likely to fail and server restoration is significantly faster. Our services enable your business to reduce the cost of downtime, leading to an increase of productivity and sales, as well as enhanced security. When we have your virtualization support covered, you have extra time to respond to your business needs.

Menark Technologies Virtualization Support

  • Readiness assessment
  • Analyze information and report findings
  • Post-migration support
  • Commence knowledge transfer
  • Utilize and maintain virtual environment 24/7
  • Automatic updates
  • Architecture design
  • Design virtual infrastructure
  • Design virtual infrastructure
  • Develop virtual environment roadmap
  • Support virtual machine workloads
  • Performance analysis for CPU, memory and disk I/O
  • Identify bottlenecks in virtual computer support infrastructure

Advantages of Virtualization Services

Low Expenses

When one physical server holds multiple virtual machines, there is an increase of hardware utilization that reduces your costs. Applications don’t need to run on their own server, which also causes a large reduction in hardware and software expenses.

Save Energy

Surveys say that server consolidation reduces energy costs by up to 80%. This is because physical servers are now migrated to virtual machines, which lowers cooling and power costs. You will also have the ability to power down servers without affecting applications or other users.

Provisioning & Deployment

No longer spend hours and many dollars putting in a new physical server. The whole ordeal of filling out purchase orders, waiting on servers to arrive, and the operating systems and application to finish is outdated. Our services enable system provisioning and deployment within minutes.

Increase Efficiency

When there are fewer physical servers on hand, this means there’s less to maintain and manage. Your team will have more time for productive tasks, such as driving new business initiatives, cutting expenses and raising revenue.

Disaster Recovery

We deliver platforms with software that enables automatic failover during a disaster. It also allows you to test disaster recovery failover, ensuring that if a disaster does happen, your infrastructure will take the proper measures for a safe and quick recovery.