Business IT Services
Philadelphia, Wilmington & MidAtlantic

Companies like yours deserve a break from the problems of technology that plague your business.

Business IT Services In Philadelphia, Wilmington and the MidAtlantic Region

Companies like yours deserve a break from the problems of technology that plague your business.

Sure, your computers are running most of the time, but how well are they running and are they giving you the IT foundation you need to be highly efficient? Our IT support drives productivity for companies throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware, and Maryland.

Business IT Services In Philadelphia

Business IT Services & Support

How do we deliver high-impact IT support for Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware, and Maryland companies like yours?

  • We are both local and virtual! – That means we understand how business works and how organizational leaders think here on the east coast. The fact that we aren’t tied down to a brick and mortar facility gives us the flexibility to serve you with speed and precision.
  • We are relaxed and professional at the same time! – Being approachable and having the ability to explain technical issues in plain English is a strength of our team.
  • We know technology! – Sure, every guy with a truck and a high-school computer class says he knows technology. What’s the difference? We’re professionals with a solid track record of helping companies just like yours get more done in a day.

Outstanding Business IT Services

We deliver an outstanding line of IT services to companies in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware, and Maryland.

  • Complete IT Care – Management, Maintenance, and Monitoring – Our technicians automatically and remotely do all your updates, upgrades, and patches. Having these in place, we monitor the functional and security aspects of your IT environment to ensure proper operation – spotting and responding to any anomalies that may affect your operations.
  • IT Security – We lock down your endpoints, configuring your firewall, installing antivirus and cyber-security monitoring software – helping us keep you safe and allowing you to do business online with confidence.
  • IT Consulting – We work closely with your team to support your pro-growth plans. Part of the way we do this is to provide your organizational leaders with information about how available technology and IT budgets will impact big decisions like product expansion, facility moves, and remote workers.
  • Help Desk – Our technicians are available to answer your technology questions and to respond to any negative IT issues that may arise.
  • Office 365 Support – Our IT support professionals will implement, migrate emails, and configure your Office 365 product to support your team’s daily workflow.
  • Data Backup and Business Continuity – We carefully backup your data in a way that allows your data to be secure but also accessible when you need it. This functionality gives you a reliable asset for your business continuity strategy and will permit you to get back on your feet quickly after a natural disaster, criminal event, or incident of human error that impacts your local IT function.
  • Pay as You Grow Services – If your company isn’t at the point that continuous care and IT security monitoring is feasible, we have the service for you! It’s called “Pay as You Grow.” It is our hourly service that gives you access to a full team of IT professionals that will fix your computer problem or tackle that IT project you have planned.

Our IT professionals look forward to serving you! Let’s get rolling now. Call us or drop us an email, and we’ll gladly talk with you about your technology challenges and goals.

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The Menark team serves companies in the Tri-State area and the broader region, including the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware, and Maryland.