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Menark Technologies provides IT Support, Managed IT Services & Technology Solutions for organizations from a solo entrepreneur to over 250 employees in Philadelphia PA, Wilmington DE, and the entire MidAtlantic.

When you partner with Menark as your Philadelphia IT support company, you get a team made up of the brightest minds and most professional IT services experts. Don’t trust your organization’s information technology, data security, and network management to anything less than the best IT services provider in Philadelphia.

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Outsourced IT Services

Menark’s approach to outsourced IT services is focused on supporting the success of your Philadelphia organization in the same way that we foster the successes of our team. Every step in the Menark process has been developed by our team with the productivity, profit, and growth of your organization in mind.

IT Security & Compliance

Your organization’s information technology and mission-critical data is valuable and must be protected. Unfortunately, there are threats that are targeting organizations of all sizes. Experience cybercriminals attempt to gain access to your network to steal information, cause disruption and create chaos every single day.  When a cybercriminal is successful, they can sell your personal and organization’s information on the dark web.  This includes passwords and account numbers. To put it simply, your organization needs cybersecurity services and compliance solutions from Menark.

IT Security & Compliance
Specialized IT Consulting in Philadelphia

Specialized IT Consulting

Our clients rely on the expertise and experience of the entire Menark IT Consulting team. Our clients trust us to act as a vital part of their organization and discover the places where technology implementation or automation will add value to the workflow and objectives of your company.  For clients with in-house IT resources, we also can support and assist in-house IT teams with specialized skills and services, allowing them to take better care of your organization’s information technology.

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Menark Technologies’ Clients Share How We Have Helped Them Overcome All Technology Challenges.

“Our company and its affiliate, Grant Architects recently engaged Menark to completely transform our antiquated IT systems, software, and computers. The service we have received is outstanding and the results for our business are phenomenal. Mike and his team are highly knowledgeable and very responsive, even on weekends! We highly recommend this IT support company in Philadelphia!”

Michelle Mcgregor

Director Operations, GSX Ventures

“We have been with Menark for almost nine years now, and I wanted to express to you that the flat fee all covered plan has been exceptional for our business!”
Robert Apple

Senior. VP & CFO, Antares Pharma Inc.

“Menark has been a wonder for our financial services team. Working for the largest financial services firms in the world, we needed a reliable database.”
Tim Keegan

Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley

What’s The Difference Between IT managed services And Computer Repair Services?

IT managed services in Philadelphia offer computer maintenance and repair, but this is just a small part of our work. Companies such as Menark also provide IT consulting to help you create an ideal IT set-up for your business, ensure secure cloud computing services to offer secure, easily accessible storage and virtual server space, keep your systems secure at all times using the best firewalls, anti-virus software programs and other IT security tools on the market, help you create disaster recovery plans to keep your business up and running in the event of a breach, IT breakdown, natural disaster or some other unfortunate incident, and more. In short, we’re not just IT repair people. We offer the same services that an IT department would provide to a leading international corporation.

What Sets A Top-tier IT Managed Service Apart From A Sub-par One?

Experts note that there are several things you should look for in the right IT MSP. First of all, good IT companies in Philadelphia offer an explicit service-level agreement (SLA) that will include warranties, an outline of procedures for when problems arise, and a termination agreement outlining what a client can do to end the business relationship. Furthermore, an excellent IT managed service should offer cutting edge managed security services, regulatory compliance, and any specialized services you need to keep your business up and running.

What Are Scalable Services?

The term “scalable” means that you only have to pay for the services you need when you need them. While some IT managed services (including Menark) offer complete care packages, you also have the option of only paying for services either on a one-time or periodic basis. For instance, companies that hire an IT MSP to handle their cloud computing need only pay for the cloud server space used at any given point in time.

Why Choose Menark Over Other MSPs?

There are several reasons that businesses in Philadelphia are choosing Menark for their IT Services & IT Support.

1. Unbeatable Customer Service
2. All the Products and Services You Need, Under one Roof
3. Compliance Consulting to Meet Your Exact Needs