Data Recovery Services in Philadelphia

The power of data being underestimated time and time again. Here’s the thing: data offers incredible potential for modern businesses looking for insight to better understand their customers and employees and improve their services and/or products. At Menark Technologies, we understand the importance of data that is why we offer proactive customized data recovery services for businesses in Philadelphia & Wilmington.

Menark Offers Data Recovery Services In Philadelphia & Wilmington

The power of data being underestimated time and time again. Here’s the thing: data offers incredible potential for modern businesses looking for insight to understand their customers and employees better and improve their services or products. At Menark Technologies, we understand the importance of data that is why we offer proactive customized data recovery services for businesses in Philadelphia.

Forbes wrote a great article here on the importance of good quality data for:clients we serve

  • Making decisions as good quality data allows users throughout all departments in the organization to remove guesswork and risk – becoming more confident in terms of decision making.
  • Boosting productivity as useful quality data enables your entire team of staff members to spend more time on their core competencies instead of validating and fixing errors.
  • Ensuring compliance as good quality data enables those who must comply with industry-specific regulations the ability to rest assured knowing they’re compliant with the proper security measures in place.
  • Improving marketing as useful quality data allows for improved targeting towards audiences with better communication or messaging that’s aligned with their wants and needs.

All businesses, regardless of size or industry, should consider the data they continuously create and store as one of their most valuable possessions, whether it’s taken years or decades to collect. If lost, that data must be recovered as quickly as possible.

Mitigate Risks Of Data Breaches With Proactive Data Recovery in Philadelphia

Verizon’s 2018 data breach investigations report (DBIR) showcases how important it is to ensure you have the best data recovery services possible – keeping your vital data safe and ready to recover at a moment’s notice. Just take a moment to check out some of the shocking findings:

  • Companies are three times more likely to experience a breach due to a social attack, such as phishing, than any other actual vulnerability.
  • Ransomware is still the most popular variety of malicious software, as it accounted for 39% of cases this year.
  • 76% of breaches this year occurred due to financial motivation on the part of the attacker.
  • Employee errors, such as misconfigured web servers or failing to shred papers, were the foundation of almost one in five (17%) of breaches this year.

Data breaches are a significant problem that impacts everyone in the organization – from your employees to your legal team. If cybercrime isn’t rampant enough to worry you (which it should be!), without a reliable data recovery services provider, you can face a multitude of other threats compromising the safety and accessibility of your vital data, such as:

  • Human or technical error: If there’s anything people and technology have in common, it’s this: they’re not infallible. Something as simple as spilling a drink on a laptop can result in significant data loss.
  • Hardware and software failure: Imagine you’re using an out-of-date system or piece of software without realizing it, and all of a sudden, it fails, and you’re unable to retrieve your data!
  • Loss or theft of devices: If important information is stored on an employee’s laptop and they happen to leave it on public transit, you’re at a loss when it comes to getting that information back.
  • Disasters resulting in power outages: A thunderstorm or other type of catastrophe can easily take your power out, and if computers shut down suddenly, rebooting may be problematic later – resulting in lost data.

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How Can Your Philadelphia Business Benefit From Data Recovery?

You can depend on us for services that ensure data recovery. While we provide a range of IT services in the Tri-State Area, we’re experts when it comes to data backup and business continuity. We know data backup and business continuity are about more than getting back up and running, they’re about:

  • Protecting your client’s confidential information
  • Having your data at your fingertips around-the-clock
  • Preserving your company’s excellent reputation
  • Securing your staff member’s livelihood
  • Meeting deadlines and keeping clients satisfied
  • And much more

What Can Be Recovered?

Virtually anything is recoverable with our data recovery services, regardless of what led the data to be lost. From videos to documents to audio files, we’re able to make sure you always have the information you need. Not every business will experience a flood or fire that devastates the entire office, of course.

But every single business will, at some point, suffer the impact of something as simple as a power outage or hardware failure. You store most information digitally nowadays, whether it’s on your laptop, smartphone, or computer – we’ve got it covered no matter what device it’s on:

  • USB
  • CDs or DVDs
  • Flash Drives
  • SD Cards or Memory Cards
  • External Hard Drives
  • Hard Disk Drives
  • Solid State Devices
  • Digital Cameras
  • Laptops
  • Android OS
  • iPhones
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Backup Drives
  • And More

Data recovery is the process wherein we recover data from virtually any storage media that experiences some type of loss. If your information becomes inaccessible due to direct or indirect damages of the storage media, we’ll recover it as quickly as possible to get you back up and running.

How Do We Deliver Our Services?

Our industry-leading data recovery services are delivered via a variety of technologies or methods, including the following:

  • Onsite backups for a speedy recovery after minor data loss that doesn’t compromise your local facility.
  • Offsite, cloud-based backups for a speedy recovery in the event of your local facility being compromised by natural disaster or criminal activity.
  • Automatic backups happen periodically around-the-clock, so you never have to worry or think about it.
  • Constant monitoring and reporting to give you peace of mind, as well as verification that backups have been completed and will be available.
  • Enterprise-grade encryption that lets you feel confident knowing your data is safe in transit and at rest, all the time.
  • Complete, entire system backups wherein everything – from your operating system to your applications to your files – is backed up.
  • A simple recovery from any location as you’re able to access your entire system virtually on any machine at another location that’s connected to the Internet.

Trusting a team of technology professionals to provide data recovery services is difficult. We get that. You need to be able to trust that your IT company is taking good care of your vital business data. Check out our testimonials here from existing clients in Philadelphia! Rest assured, all of the businesses we work with are raving fans.

You can feel confident knowing we have extensive experience with a range of industries – from accounting firms to healthcare organizations to law firms to non-profit organizations and everything in between. Just check out our list of clients we serve for more information.

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