Fractional CIO Services

Get a peek into what a fractional CIO can do for your business and discover who to work with to obtain the cutting-edge IT leadership your business needs.  

Expert Fractional CIO Services

Get a peek into what a fractional CIO can do for your business and discover who to work with to obtain the cutting-edge IT leadership your business needs.  

fractional CIO is more than just an IT technician. Instead of providing IT tools and services, such an individual offer IT leadership that will enable your company to move forward on all levels.

Fractional CIO Services in Philadelphia

What Does a Fractional CIO Do?

Fractional CIO services naturally vary depending on who you contract and what services you need. Even so, those who work with such a CIO can usually expect the following:

  • Expert assistance selecting new IT hardware and software
  • Help to create or customizing programs and apps for your specific business requirements
  • IT assistance that enables you to get and stay industry compliant
  • Liaison services that will allow you to work smoothly with contractors and remote workers
  • Training services to help your employees use your IT set-up securely and efficiently
  • Company performance analysis based on metrics measured by your IT systems and write up performance status reports
  • Ongoing, thorough reviews of your company’s use of data, coupled with suggestions for improving data collection and analysis systems to boost your ROI

fractional CIO, unlike a regular IT technician, will be invited to your executive meetings. He or she will get to know your short and long-term business goals and offer suggestions that will enable your IT systems to provide you with the resources and services needed to reach your objectives. What’s more, your fractional CIO will continually analyze all aspects of IT performance and provide you with detailed reports so you can effectively solve company challenges and develop winning strategies that will help you get ahead of the competition.

How to Find a Good Fractional CIO

Are you looking for a fractional CIO who can meet your exact needs? If so, it’s essential to make sure the person or business you’re considering for the job has experience working in your industry. Furthermore, you’ll want to ensure that the person you’re working with has the critical leadership skills needed to provide effective service. Experience working with IT is essential, but it’s also crucial for your chosen professional to be able to work well with members of your team and be adaptable enough to work with your company as it goes through periods of change on the path to success.

Furthermore, your potential team members should be honest and up-front about the services being offered. There should be no hidden fees involved; however, there can be different billing options to suit your business needs and budget. You may want to hire a fractional CIO for set periods every day to ensure that you’re getting all the help, advice, and assistance you need. Alternatively, start-ups and growing organizations may want to consider a “pay by the hour” arrangement to get expert advice on a limited budget. In any case, a great fractional CIO will always draw up a service level agreement for both parties to sign. This agreement not only stipulates what services will be provided but also ensures that you retain full control over your IT licenses, passwords, and other relevant information.

Fractional CIO Services Provided By Menark Technologies

Menark Technologies has more than fifteen years of experience providing fractional CIO services to businesses in the Tri-State area. We specialize in serving non-profit organizations, law firms, accounting firms, real estate agencies, and healthcare organizations. Our team has all the tools and services established enterprises need to succeed; at the same time, we also offer the affordable expert help that start-ups and growing companies need to get started on the right foot. Get in touch with us to learn more about our fractional CIO services or to get a free consultation that will make it easy for you to see if we’re a good fit for your business.