Could Coronavirus Affect Remote Working Arrangements?

Making the switch to remote working during the coronavirus pandemic? Discover how the long-term changes may be a benefit for your company and overall productivity.  

Will Coronavirus Affect the Way Businesses Look at Remote Workers?

Making the switch to remote working during the coronavirus pandemic? Discover how the long-term changes may be a benefit for your company and overall productivity.  

As companies around the globe make adjustments to their daily operations in an effort to navigate the coronavirus pandemic, more employees are working remotely than ever before. But for business owners, this could actually be a needed change. A recent study shows that employees who work from home typically put in 1.4 more days of work each month than their office-based peers—this results in an average of 16.8 additional days of productivity annually. This means that if more of your workforce has changed to remote operations, you could likely see a boost in overall productivity. While it’s difficult to know when life and business operations will return to normal following the coronavirus outbreak, this thought is giving many worried business owners hope that their companies can continue to run smoothly.

Top 3 Benefits of Asking Employees to Work Remotely

Some experts believe that the shift to at-home working could be something that sticks around long after the coronavirus threat is over. While many employers initially opposed the idea out of fear that overall productivity would suffer, others believe they’ll be rethinking their issues with remote working soon enough. Some of the top reasons the shift to working from home can be so beneficial for your company include:

Increased Productivity

Recent studies show that employees who work from home are actually more productive than their office-based peers. And with a wide variety of new software programs available to businesses, it’s easy for those in management positions to track the productivity of remote workers. Whether you chose to use popular applications like Slack, GitHub or Expensify, keeping in touch with remote workers and staying on top of their productivity is a simple and easy process.

Business Travel

Virtually all business travel in the US, Canada, and the UK have been halted due to coronavirus outbreak concerns. So, unless you work in an essential industry or your company provides emergency services, you’ll likely be rethinking all of your planned business trips for the rest of 2020. Business owners will now take a closer look at some of the expenses that they once believed to be necessary, and likely consider conferences and other instances of travel more carefully as they plan their budgets.

If you can get the same result without spending more money on travel, conferences, and off-site meetings, why would you do anything else? And with research indicating that remote workers save an annual average of more than $4,500 on fuel costs each year, it’s clear to see that many seemingly inconsequential business-related costs can quickly add up over time.

Reduce Commute-Related Stress

Everyone knows that there are few things worse than being stuck in rush hour traffic each day as you make your way into the office. And striking the right work-life balance is something employers should be promoting for their team. When you have happy, stress-free workers, productivity soars, and the overall attitude within your company is positive.

One of the greatest job-related stressors that employees have to deal with each day begins when they get in their car and drive to the office. From there, the stress can continue as they must work with other difficult employees or supervisors and complete their work around traditional office hours. When employees have the opportunity to work from home, you automatically reduce the majority of these daily stressors. Additionally, the increased flexibility that comes with remote working allows them the freedom to care for pressing personal matters—like an unexpected lack of childcare—while still completing their daily work tasks as well.

Making the Switch to Working Remotely with Menark Technologies

AS more businesses across the US respond to the coronavirus pandemic with an at-home workforce, the need for managed professional IT services is greater than ever before. With the help of an experienced and reputable IT services company, you can make sure that your confidential business information is protected as your employees work from home. Keeping your business network and endpoint devices safe from outside threats is paramount as you begin this shift and look forward to the future following the coronavirus pandemic.

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