IT Services For Established & Growing Businesses

Discover why Menark is the leading Mid-Atlantic IT managed service provider for established and growing businesses that want to reach their full potential.  

Cutting Edge IT Services for Growing Businesses in Philadelphia

Discover why Menark is the leading Mid-Atlantic IT managed service provider for established and growing businesses that want to reach their full potential.  

Are you looking for specialized IT services for established & growing organizations that offer a high level of expertise at a reasonable price? If so, Menark could be the perfect fit for your business. We work with companies of all sizes and from all industries to provide scalable IT services and support that will not only fix your IT problems but also make it easy for you to use your IT hardware and software to its fullest potential.

IT Services Businesses In Philadelphia

Menark’s IT Services For Local Organizations

Menark IT technicians aren’t just IT experts. Our teams that work with established, growing organizations are also familiar with the many challenges involved in keeping a business with ten to fifty employees afloat. We offer customized IT consulting services to help you assess your current IT capabilities and make needed changes to help you save money, boost cybersecurity, and streamline your work so you can do more with less.

Our IT services also include:

  • IT monitoring to ensure your systems are in good working order at all times. As part of our monitoring services, we also automatically upgrade all your software as needed to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities that would compromise your data or slow down your workday.
  • IT support and maintenance to keep your systems in good working order at all times. You never have to worry about downtime stealing your work hours and causing exponential income loss. Our technicians are available 24/7 to solve any problem you may face. We offer both remote and in-person assistance to get your systems up and running without undue delay. We’ll also identify the root cause of the IT breakdown and take measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again.
  • Cybersecurity services to ensure hackers don’t mess with your systems. It’s a sad fact that a growing number of hackers are targeting companies that don’t have massive IT budgets or unlimited IT resources to defend themselves. The good news is that companies that partner with our team get access to the same stellar cybersecurity tools and services used by large, international corporations.
  • Data back-up and recovery services to help you get back on track after a hardware crash, breach, natural disaster, or some other unforeseen event. We automate your back-up functions to allow you to back up data with ease. What’s more, we regularly test your data back-up plan to ensure it will work well should the need arise. You never need to worry about being knocked off your network if a disaster hits because we’ll get you up and running without missing a beat.

Get in touch with us at your convenience to learn more about our services or to schedule an obligation-free consultation with our team of experts. Menark is the leading Philadelphia-based IT MSP for established and growing organizations, and we look forward to helping your business reach its full potential.