Who Provides Responsive IT Services in Cape May New Jersey?

Responsive. -- It’s a word that we hear a lot about today in reference to whether websites are mobile friendly or not. But here’s the question. Is your Cape May computer repair company responsive to the IT needs of your business?

Responsive. — It’s a word that we hear a lot about today in reference to whether websites are mobile friendly or not. But here’s the question. Is your Cape May computer repair company responsive to the IT needs of your business?

  • Do they pick up their telephones?
  • Do they answer their emails quickly?
  • Do they roll a truck to your location without hesitation?
  • Do they listen to your staff patiently to understand what problems they are having with the computers?
  • Do they guarantee their response times with a Service Level Agreement?

If not, why are you doing business with them?

It’s a reasonable question.

After all… It’s YOUR business on the line if you run into a computer issue that causes extended downtime or a vulnerability that exposes confidential client data to criminal eyes.

You need an IT team that’s on your side. A team that will show up when you need them.

What other things in Cape May New Jersey are responsive and reliable?

When you think of responsive and reliable, there are so many good examples right here in Cape May.

What about the Cape May Lighthouse?

Cape May Light House

Since 1859 this shining light has responded to the need of sailors finding their way safely home. The dependable beam flashes every fifteen seconds and can be seen from up to twenty-eight miles away. The safety of tens of thousands of people has depended upon its guidance over the decades since it’s construction.

What about that old family truck in your driveway?

We’ll leave the Ford Vs. Chevy Vs. Dodge debate for another day. But there are a lot of local families that depend on their truck every day to get them where they are going. They have the confidence to expect when they get in the cab and turn the key that the response will be the click of a starter, the hum of a fuel pump, a spark from the ignition, and the roar of a V8 engine. Every day through cold and rain or blistering summer heat, the old truck doesn’t let them down. Until the sad day that it does – and then it’s like losing a member of the family, right?

What about the service at your favorite Cape May restaurant?

You expect that if you order eggs and bacon, they won’t bring you liver and onions. You go there because they are reasonably priced, their food is consistently good, and their wait staff pays attention to whether or not your coffee is full or not – they never let your coffee get cold or empty. Want to know what farm the eggs came from? They’ll find out. Want your toast close to burnt – but not black yet? They’ll do their best. Why? They are responsive to what their customer is looking for in a local family restaurant.

What’s the big deal about responsive IT services?

Let’s face it. It’s pointless to pay someone to care for your company’s computer systems if they don’t show up when you need them and answer their phones or email when you reach out for help.

That’s not being responsive to your needs – that’s unprofessional and neglect of their duty.

So why do businesses across Cape May, New Jersey put up with sub-standard, unresponsive computer support people?

There are a lot of reasons. Among the most common are:

  • The computer repair guy is related to the owner.
  • The computer repair guy is cheap, and the owner doesn’t think they can afford better.
  • The owner hasn’t taken the time to add up the cost of the downtime and lost productivity they are experiencing.
  • The owner doesn’t know that better, more responsive IT support options are out there.

By engaging a company such as Menark Technologies, your business will be able to leverage their responsive IT services to get:

  • Higher efficiency and productivity
  • Fewer incidents of costly downtime – near zero
  • Fewer employees experiencing technology-related frustration
  • More time available for life – instead of time wasted waiting for the computer repair guy

What other things should have your back?

What other things should be responsive and reliable, but often aren’t?

Well…that list could get long.

Let’s just say that responsive and dependable is good, unreliable is bad.

How does the “Menark Way” deliver a high level of responsiveness and reliable IT services to Cape May businesses?

  • Adaptable and Flexible – Because we haven’t invested in expensive brick-and-mortar facilities, we are able to hire the best IT support staff in the industry, equip them with all the tools they need, and enable them to be mobile and efficient.
  • Relaxed and Friendly – We don’t believe in making IT support complicated, expensive, or confusing. Our staff will use plain English – not tech speak – to explain what we do or what fixes need to be applied to your systems.
  • Staff that Stay – Our technicians like working for us! That’s the bottom line. We treat them well, and they treat our clients with the same friendly care and respect. Our clients see the same faces and get the same service every step of the way.
  • IT Services that Work – We carefully choose the services and tools we use to provide a secure, stable, and productive working IT environment for our clients. Services like:

Cape May is big enough to be a home for us all but small enough that reputation and customer service still matter. Ask around. We likely already care for the business technology of a colleague, friend, or competitor.

We have lots more for you to read about reliable IT services on our blog HERE.