IT Solutions for Small Businesses – The Solutions You Need & How They’ll Help

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IT Solutions For Small Businesses

Exploring the small business IT solutions that are changing the game for the little guy

IT Solutions For Small Business

Small business leaders are constantly looking for ways to do more with less. In order to keep up with the big guys, small businesses need to constantly keep up a strategic edge on their competitors. Business technology is making this ever more possible for small businesses in every industry. However, sometimes knowing which technologies are best and how to optimize them can seem like an uphill battle for small business leaders whose resources are already stretched thin.

The Small Business IT Solutions Your Provider Should Offer

Many small businesses are realizing the value of calling in some back up when it comes to optimizing business IT. With the right team of IT professionals, small businesses can go a long way in terms of optimizing existing solutions and implementing new ones that will help them stay productive and strategic.

But what kind of IT solutions should small businesses be prioritizing? We’ve created a quick reference guide to help you and your team on your hunt for the right small business IT solutions. If you’re searching for providers, use these tips as a guide for ensuring the IT professional you partner with knows the kind of business solutions you need.

Here are the top small-business IT solutions a good provider should offer:

  • A streamlined and optimized IT infrastructure

Above all, the best IT strategy for small businesses is completely streamlined and optimized IT infrastructure. This means all the applications and devices you and your team rely on are consistently accessible, functioning optimally, and connected as a streamlined network.

The right IT provider for small businesses will be able to look at the technology you’re already using and streamline those resources together in the most optimal way. They’ll also be able to make suggestions about new solutions and implement them strategically to help you reach new heights of productivity. The bottom line? A strategic IT provider will make sure you and your team always have access to the technology you need when you need it.

  • Top-of-the-line cybersecurity mechanisms

There’s a common misconception that strategic cybersecurity mechanisms are only for large-scale enterprises that collect and transmit a huge amount of data. The reality is, small businesses can be even more susceptible to cyberattacks and business leaders need to be proactive in securing their networks with dynamic cybersecurity mechanisms.

The right IT provider will be able to secure your small-business network strategically to make sure you’re protected against known-threats and actively preventing unknown threats. They’ll work alongside you to be sure that your existing cybersecurity infrastructure is sufficient and will be able to identify problem areas and implement solutions to patch vulnerabilities.

  • Dynamic data storage and back-up tools

No matter the amount or type of data your business collects and stores, you need to have a concrete plan for storing that data securely and backing it up to prevent data loss. The key for small businesses is coming up with a data storage plan that will keep your data safe and accessible no matter the circumstances.

The right IT provider will be able to examine the way you’re currently storing and accessing data and optimize your methods to ensure secure access. They’ll also be able to suggest dynamic data back-up options that will help you make sure important data is automatically backed-up and never out of reach – even in the worst-case scenario.

  • Disaster recovery and business continuity plans

While it may be taboo to talk about out loud, the reality is, data disasters happen. Even small businesses are not immune to system crashes or sophisticated data breaches. Without a plan for strategic incident response and tangible business continuity, small businesses are leaving themselves open to serious risk.

The right IT provider will work alongside you to develop an incident response plan should a disaster strike. They’ll also help you create detailed plans for promoting strategic business continuity after the dust has settled. Overall, the best IT provider for small businesses is one that will make sure even the worst data disaster has only minimal impacts on business productivity and continuity.

  • Strategic consultation and long-term planning

Again, strategic IT planning may seem like something only Fortune 500 companies need to worry about. But the fact of the matter is, small businesses could benefit greatly from taking a more strategic and proactive approach to IT consultation and planning. Small businesses need a professional in their ear to help make strategic IT resource decisions and develop long-term plans for optimizing business IT.

The right IT provider will prove to you that they are a consultative partner from the get-go. They’ll listen closely to your questions and concerns and they’ll hit the ground running when it comes to finding new solutions that will stand the test of time. They’ll also be ready and willing to discuss your five and ten year plans as a business and will be able to draft long-term plans that will ensure your IT infrastructure grows alongside your business effectively.

Tools, Tips & Tricks: Finding the Right IT Provider for Small Businesses

Now that you know what you’re looking for, it’s a good idea to go into your search for the right small business IT provider with some additional tips and tricks in mind. Going into your search with a game plan will help you make an informed decision and choose the best IT provider for your business in the long run.

Here are some baseline tips to help you go into your search with a plan:

  • Do your research – In addition to knowing the kind of IT services and support you’re looking for, do your research on the different types of providers and service arrangements available to you – both locally and remotely.
  • Ask small-business questions – When talking to different providers ask them how and why their services are a good match for small business. Ask questions about IT solutions for small businesses and be specific – help each provider you talk to understand the kind of support you’re looking for.
  • Prioritize a customized approach – The best provider is going to be a team of IT professionals that can customize their service offerings to meet your specific small business IT needs. Make it clear to providers that you’re not looking for a ‘one-size fits all’ approach to IT support.
  • Have them put their money where their mouth is – Don’t just take providers at their word. Ask them to explain concrete situations in which they’ve helped small business teams optimize IT. Even better? Ask them to provide references from small business teams they’ve worked with in the past – especially businesses in your industry.

If you’re ready to start looking for a small business IT service provider, why not start by reaching out to the team of small business tech professionals at Menark Technologies? Our team has been working with small business professionals like you for over 15 years. We pride ourselves on being able to connect with any business and optimize their IT infrastructure for the long-haul.

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