How to Overcome the Challenges of Cloud Security

Are you struggling when it comes to tackling the challenges of cloud security and compliance? If so, read this blog to learn how to overcome these issues.  

How to Overcome the Challenges of Cloud Security and Compliance

Are you struggling when it comes to tackling the challenges of cloud security and compliance? If so, read this blog to learn how to overcome these issues.    

Over the past 10 years or so, the term “cloud” has been a big focal point in the business and technology world. However, although it’s been nearly 15 years since this term really became popular, companies still struggle when it comes to cloud security and compliance.

So that leads us to the troubling question, why does cloud security seem so hard?

In this post, we’ll dive into that question and also discuss how companies can overcome some challenges revolved around cloud security and compliance.

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Shared Responsibility Model

One of the problems surrounding cloud security is that there is a misunderstanding about the shared responsibility model.

There are tons of different visualizations of the shared responsibility model, but many of them struggle to provide greater clarity on the matter. And while many security teams understand the shared responsibility model conceptually, they aren’t very successful in practice.

According to Unit 42, 32% of organizations are still showing a cloud storage service to the public in a way that wasn’t intended. While cloud providers are making strides in the right direction, there is still much room for improvement.

Compliance Mandates

Over the past few years, there have been a few notable compliance mandates that have happened. The GDPR, which went into effect May of 2018, and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which came shortly after, are some of the most impactful in recent years.

However, there are numerous other mandates that apply to global companies today.

As cloud environments continue to go through hundreds of changes per day, companies are struggling to find solutions for compliance. In fact, some companies have even used spreadsheets to track cloud compliance.

And when you add the constant advancement of innovation with public cloud environments and cloud systems, this adds more hurdles to overcome.

As companies are looking to make improvements, a big focus is on cloud security strategies.

Prioritize Strategies

So what’s the best solution?

For one, it doesn’t start with more products–it starts with better strategies.

However, this is a concept that’s hard to grasp for many security teams. They constantly fall into the trap of buying more security products in hopes that these will solve the company’s cloud security and compliance challenges. But in reality, the best approach is to think about your overall strategy before buying more products.

While utilizing the latest and most effective tools is certainly a great step to take, security teams should first focus on their cloud security strategy and ensure that it’s geared for the long haul.

Another problem is that many companies already have systems that are overcrowded with security products. The key is to understand how to use these products and work on strategies that can help your company make strides in the right direction.

The Big Cloud 5

As an effort to tackle these challenges, companies should rely on The Big Cloud 5, which is a 5-step framework for cloud security success realization. This process helps companies take a holistic approach to cloud security and compliance, and it can help organizations of all sizes form a solid foundation that can lead to greater success.

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