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It’s an important question for businesses today to contemplate. Because, if you’re not monitoring your computer network, both internally and externally – someone else will be, and it’s a sure bet that they will be looking for any cracks in your network security armor and attempt to exploit it with a cyber breach of some type.

In fact, it’s a red-letter, hot-button issue that, when not addressed, can result in a wide variety of disaster scenarios for computer-networked business, such as:

  • Data breach, and resultant compliance violations and steep fines.
  • A malware virus (like ransomware) that can shut down your network.
  • Email phishing schemes and other cyber exploits gaining entry.
  • Blackhat hacking into your domain and network that results in financial loss, and more.

Getting Your Computer Network Security Where It Should Be

Menark Technologies can help you with the most efficient way to manage your computer network infrastructure. And, we can get it done for you in the most streamlined, cost-effective way possible.

And, because it’s small businesses that are getting targeted the most by cybercriminals, our primary focus is on those business entities who are most vulnerable and have so much to lose.

Our small business IT support is designed exactly for the small businessperson who needs solid defenses against the barrage of cyber exploits being aimed at them.

Managed IT Solutions for NJ Small Businesses

We recognize that you are experts in your field of business, just as we are the computer network security experts who manage your business IT solutions in a reciprocal, respectful way. There are many benefits a managed IT service provider like us can deliver you, including:

  • Enhanced System Security
  • Network Firewall Installation and Management
  • Disaster Recovery & Data Backup
  • Network Security & Server Management
  • Cloud Computing Resources
  • Reduced Overall Costs

Our tools, support, and IT solutions for small businesses enable you to eliminate downtime, save money and increase efficiency. We simply take away the hassle of managing small business IT services, allowing you to place your focus on growing your company.

That and much more is why many small and mid-sized businesses in New Jersey and Maryland are turning to Menark for the right solution.

But, we also cater to a wealth of other industries, including healthcare, financial, professional services, non-profits, education, engineering, and manufacturing.

What Are Network Security Services?

Network Security Services (NSS) consists of a set of libraries designed to support cross-platform development of security-enabled client and server applications. If that’s too technical an explanation of it, it means extra added security on your network server.

Offloaded duties often include device management, monitoring, and remediation; email security, including anti-spam, anti-malware, and IP filtering; network intrusion detection and prevention; asset classification and change management; data leak protection, and the creation of access control policies.

Such an arrangement requires communication between the service provider and customer regarding how responsibilities will be divided up. To define the arrangement, the two parties must usually create a comprehensive service-level agreement (SLA) that lays out the cost of the services on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis and identifies the specific services and equipment to be included.

Managed network security services provide a key revenue opportunity for solution providers like us, and can offer relief for customers that may not have the expertise or resources to take on the essential network defense tasks.

Keep Your Business Running with Our Server Management & Network Security Services

A lot goes into your networks, from servers, storage, and firewalls to routers, switches, load balancers, and more. Server management is a big job that we can take over for your own in-house IT staff.

Menark Technologies provisions, secures and inventories your network equipment and systems. We also make sure all drivers and software are up to date, manage your licenses and integrate them with your existing equipment. Whatever kind of network architecture you have, from the simplest LAN to the broadest hybrid, we are here to keep it running continuously.

Our Client-Focused Commitment

Because of our client-focused commitment to finding just the right custom-made solutions for each unique customer who comes to us for leading IT support and computer network security solutions in New Jersey.

We give you all the advantages of having a leading IT services firm handling your network management, including:

  • Speed, Reliability, & Scalability
  • Mobile Security
  • Password Strengthening & Support
  • The Most Advanced Technology & IT Resources
  • Elimination of Server & Data Center Downtime

Cloud Hosting Management Reduces Costs & Optimizes Your Infrastructure

We take care of all the maintenance and support of your virtual environments so you can sit back worry-free and enjoy the benefits. Our cloud hosting server reduces your physical infrastructure costs, consolidates servers, optimizes infrastructure, and more. These virtual environments address your business needs in order to stay competitive by providing the scalability and affordability that best fits your business.

Contact New Jersey’s Best IT Security Specialists

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Published By: Scott Clarke on September 25th, 2017