Do you like to watch the reality TV shows that follow gold miners as they work to dig gold nuggets out of the “pay dirt” that’s sitting on top of Alaskan bedrock?

I do.

They’re entertaining if nothing else.

One of the things I’ve learned from watching those shows is that it takes a LOT of work to bring even one ounce of gold to the surface.

There has to be an easier way to make money!

And there is.

We’ll talk about that in a minute or two here…

For the men and women on those reality TV shows, mining is in their blood.

It’s their passion.

Here’s the question…

What’s your passion?

Got it?


So how do you feel when your Dell computer breaks down and limits your ability to pursue your passion?

Rotten, isn’t it?

That feeling of helplessness when your computer gives up the ghost in a creative moment or when you’re up against a looming deadline – it’s enough to drive you around the bend and back again.

But before you throw your Dell desktop or laptop against a concrete wall, call Menark Technologies. The friendly Dell computer repair professionals of Menark are local – right here in Wilmington, DE – and would be happy to send someone over to get your Dell working efficiently once again.

Why Are We Talking About Digging For Gold In Alaska?

It’s simple!

A sluggish or crashing Dell laptop or desktop drains productivity from your Wilmington business, and you’re smart enough to know that every minute of lost productivity costs you in labor and lost production.

Having computers that function the way they are supposed to function is better than digging for gold in the Klondike.


Well, to begin with, you’re not a miner, and I guess that you’re not that excited about digging in half-frozen dirt to dig up a few flakes of gold.


You’d much rather grab that extra 3-5% productivity that your sluggish Dell computer is draining from your employee’s efforts every day.

You’re always looking for that edge, that one thing you could do to squeeze an extra few percentage points out of your business and add dollars to your bottom line.

This is how you do it. – Make sure that your Dell computers work seamlessly and are configured to support how your employees work.

That’s exactly what the friendly men and women of Menark Technologies deliver for businesses like yours.

No, you don’t have to buy big expensive bulldozers, track loaders, dump trucks, and trommels to dig and sluice dirt that may pay off in gold.

By bringing in IT professionals from right here in Wilmington DE, you can make the technology tweaks that will show up in your productivity and ultimately, your balance sheet.

What Else Do The Dell Computer Repair Professionals Of Menark Do For Small To Mid-Size Business in Wilmington, DE?

  • Managed IT – Managed IT Services is an all-inclusive IT care model that provides a company like yours with complete computer, network, server, application, and cloud asset care in return for a simple monthly subscription fee. This unique offering allows companies to experience near-zero downtime and supports their employee’s efforts to get the job done.
  • The Cloud – More and more business is being done in and with the cloud. Today’s business leaders understand that cloud applications, hosting, and communication capabilities will help their business move more quickly to market, operate in geo-diverse regions, and transform workflow.
  • Data Backup – Your data is central to your company’s operations. If you lose access to it, your business grinds to a halt in short order. Hiring a professional IT team to manage your data backups ensures that you will always have access to your data.
  • IT Security – The news is full of companies who have let their guard down when it comes to cybersecurity. Don’t let your company become one of the Protecting your IT infrastructure and data IS protecting your clients, your employees, your investment, and your reputation.
  • IT Consulting – The big decisions of business today always have technology ramifications. Each choice you make is impacted by what technology you have, your IT budget, and the capabilities or limitations of your company’s IT systems. By speaking with an executive IT consultant in the planning stages of product development, business expansion, facility renovation, etc. you can ensure that you have the business technology needed to take that next step in business.

“How much gold have I walked past – and not known it?”

The answer is, I’ll never know.

I’m not a gold miner, and I don’t know how much gold is in the ground here in Wilmington.

But there’s a more important question…

If your Dell computers, servers, network, and cloud assets aren’t optimized to fit your unique workflow, how much money are you “walking past” every day?

How much productivity are you losing to sluggish computers?

Let’s find out!

It’s easy.

Give the Menark Technologies team a call.

We’ll do an assessment to show you exactly what shape your Dell computers – and your entire IT environment – are in and what you can do to squeeze those percentage points of productivity and profit (gold) out of them.

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Published By: Scott Clarke on May 15th, 2018