Can You Get More POWER by Switching Teams?

If your Philadelphia, PA or Wilmington, DE business is an existing Google G Suite customer, and you are looking to migrate to Microsoft Office 365, download our eBook 5 Steps to migrate from G Suite to Office 365 to get a better understanding of the best practices you should follow to ensure a successful migration.

See what a Migration from G Suite to Office 365 Could Do For You!

The team you’re playing with can make all the difference in the world!

After all…

You’re a high-impact player — maybe even the MVP.

But if the team you’re playing with doesn’t support your game-winning moves, it’s time to look at switching teams.

Of course, the two big teams in the cloud-based office productivity world are G Suite and Microsoft Office 365.

If your organization has gotten a little too advanced for G Suite and you are looking for the features that will support your workflow, get ready to switch teams.

You’re about to get drafted by the pro-growth business advantages of Office 365.

Let’s show you how to migrate from the G Suite team to Team Office 365!

Over the past few years, the adoption of cloud-based software has grown exponentially.

Office productivity suites providing functionality like word processing, spreadsheets, presentation programs, and email are one of the fastest growing Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings.

A study from Spiceworks shows that 53% of organizations are using Office 365, and an additional 17% plan to adopt it in the next two years.

By comparison, 7% of organizations are using G Suite by Google, and 16% are using the free online version of Google’s productivity tools, such as Gmail and Google Docs.

Small and mid-sized businesses in every industry should consider cloud-based office productivity tools as a way to increase productivity and reduce cost

Let’s look at some of the benefits these solutions and also some recommendations on how to perform an effective migration from Google G Suite to Microsoft 365.

Benefits Of Cloud-Based Office Productivity Solutions

Work Anywhere

As long as you are connected to the internet, you can access your email, presentations, and documents from any location and any device. This is especially useful for companies with remote employees or field workers.

Collaborate Easily

Gone are the days of working on a document and not being sure if you had the latest version or having to scramble around, looking through multiple versions of a file to find out which one was the latest one. Cloud-based office productivity tools allow multiple team members to work simultaneously on the same document or presentation. Changes are processed and updated in real time — so you never have to worry about which file has the latest version.

Data Security

Because your data is in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about lost storage devices or damaged computers. You can access your files anytime, and you’ll never again have to worry about backups or lost files.

Easy to Deploy and Maintain

Compared to traditional office productivity applications which had to be installed locally on your computer, cloud-based solutions can be accessed via a web browser. There are no concerns about or wasted time in doing security updates and patches. All the maintenance of the software is accomplished for you automatically.

5 Tips On Migrating From Google G Suite To Microsoft Office 365

If your Philadelphia, PA or Wilmington, DE business is an existing Google G Suite customer, and you are looking to migrate to Microsoft Office 365, download our eBook 5 Steps to migrate from G Suite to Office 365 to get a better understanding of the best practices you should follow to ensure a successful migration. The four steps outlined in the e-book will be invaluable to you in the migration process.

Want some fast migration tips now? We’re glad to help! Check out these five fast migration tips.

Plan Your Migration

When it comes to Google G Suite to Microsoft Office 365 migrations, there are mainly two paths: you can decide to do it yourself, or you can get the support of an experienced Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Getting support from experienced IT consultants from Menark, can help you mitigate the risk that a failed migration can have over your business and reduce the time required to plan and execute the migration.

Backup Your Data                         

Data backup should be the most important step of your migration plan, no matter how well you plan, things can go wrong. Make sure that you have implemented a full third-party backup of all your Google Apps data before you begin the migration process.

Understand What Components Can’t Be Migrated

Although G Suite and Office 365 offer similar functionality, some elements cannot be automatically migrated. You have to make sure you know what components should be manually migrated and plan appropriately.

Define Your Rollout Strategy

It’s not a good idea to migrate all your users at once. You should create a set of batches and migrate your users in stages. This migration strategy will help you ensure that you only negatively impact a limited number of users if something goes wrong with the first batches. The recommended approach is to start with 10% of the users, then add another 40%, and finally migrate the remaining 50%.

Have a Rollback Plan

Some migrations just fail. The chances of failure are naturally increased if you are attempting to migrate without professional IT support directing the process. While it’s not impossible to do, you must take precautions. Make sure you have your backup ready and a plan to restore your G Suite functionality if something goes wrong.

Although migrating data from G Suite to Office 365 is a fairly straightforward endeavor for experienced IT professionals, it’s not something you should probably attempt on your own. As we showed earlier, there are several important things to consider and pre-migration planning that must be done.

Before embarking on a G Suite to Office 365 migration, take the time to consider leveraging the services of an experienced MSP like Menark. Our experience can help you execute a successfully G Suite to Office 365 migration and avoid the pain of migration-failure downtime or costly delays.

Ready to read more about G Suite to Office 365 migration? Download your eBook now HERE.