Managed IT Services for Healthcare Practices

Keeping technology up and running day and night is one of the biggest challenges for medical practices. Many providers don’t have the resources needed to own their infrastructure and keep it at peak performance.

Menark Technologies is here to help improve collaborative medicine, streamline communication with your patients, and provide access to research and more. We help you reduce the cost of buying and managing technology. Overall, our healthcare IT services help medical and healthcare providers keep their resources in top shape.

Benefits of Healthcare IT Support

Meet HIPAA & PCI Regulations

Disaster Recovery

Manage Software Updates

Cloud Computing

Ensure Operational Applications 24/7

Increase Security & Protection

24/7 Healthcare IT Technician Support

Advantages of IT Services for Healthcare

Patient Happiness

Your patients will no longer need to pick up the phone to check test results and make appointments, but rather, it can all be handled online. Menark Technologies’ medical IT support helps strengthen the connection between your patients and you with simple solutions.


Being in a business where regulations are constantly changing, like HIPAA and PCI compliance, can be burdensome. This applies to how your applications store data, how your storage protects it, and how your networks transmit it. Our healthcare IT services continually administer audits and reports so you can be worry free.


We help you make sure you have complete control of your business costs. The first is the cost of owning and licensing technology. Second, the operational cost to keep that technology running smoothly. Then, finally, the costs you incur when you fall out of compliance.

Performance & Integration

We ensure that your equipment and software run perfectly and integrate with each other. This includes from practice management systems to your EMR, from imaging systems to cardiac testing systems, and from voice systems to virtual desktops. We keep your systems running perfectly all together.


If there is ever a circumstance for a data breach or loss of data, the effect it causes can be detrimental. It is crucial to have a tested, fail-proof backup, restore and disaster recovery strategy in place. We ensure that all of your patient and business information is kept safe.