In Wilmington, Delaware you will find Help Desk IT Support from most IT firms. The services come staffed with professional technicians, ready to provide the caller or client with information over the phone. In some instances, help may occur in the form of assisting the caller with their company’s IT products or services. Some of the other reasons for an IT support helpdesk is for troubleshooting technical problems like the staff at Menark Technologies does.

How Would I Contact IT Support Services In Wilmington, Delaware?

IT support is delivered using different technologies, and depending on your situation will determine what coverage is needed. If you have specific questions requiring answered; companies with a helpdesk have it set up to accept:

  • Incoming Telephone Calls
  • Support Ticket System
  • Short Message Services or (SMS)
  • Online Chat
  • Support Forums
  • E-mail or Fax

Should you have simple software problems, speaking with a technical support agent, can be done over the phone. There are other instances where remote access to your computer, from another location, can also accomplish some technical issues.

There will be times when your IT problems are more complicated, such as hardware failure, firewall breach, or cloud storage issues. In this instance IT support will dispatch to your location a skilled technician, to assess the IT situation and make the necessary repairs, or replace hardware that has failed.

What Are The Three Areas of Paid IT Support In Wilmington, DE?

With most IT Support services, companies will provide different types of availability and levels of pre-paid IT support. Those categories are usually part of a client’s contract agreement. The three most commonly used paid IT Support choices are:

  1. Call in IT Support – also known as “Time and Materials” (T&M) IT support
  2. Block Hours IT Support – allows the client to buy hours of time upfront 12, 24, 48 and so on
  3. Managed Services IT Support – the client receives a list of specific services on an ongoing basis

Depending on your company’s IT needs, you may discover that Managed Services may prove to be cost-effective and better overall solutions instead of using Call In or Block Hours IT support.

What Are the Three Levels Of Help Desk IT Support?

Similar to the paid IT support and depending on the Wilmington, Delaware IT company, each does provide some or all of the following three IT Support Services:

  • Self-Help Support
  • Outsourcing Technical Support
  • Multi-Tiered Technical Support

Self-Help Support – Most tech brands, Microsoft or Apple and some IT service providers have a vast knowledge base of libraries filled with all sorts of technical support solutions for users. Another area also used for self-help support is the creation of troubleshooting videos that get uploaded to the IT company’s YouTube page.

Outsourcing Technical Support – There are IT firms, that to keep their operating costs down will contract with IT support departments or call centers in different parts of the world. It some instances, those call centers in other countries are less than employing a full in-house IT support staff.

Multi-Tiered Technical Support – The reason some IT providers use a subdivided tier system is to serve their clients better and only charge for the level of service used. As you go up each tier, the cost does rise too. In the client’s services contract tier pricing is listed.

The Multi-Tiered levers start at Tier 0 and end at Tier 4.

  • Tier 0 – At this level, the user has access to FAQs, or a Knowledge Base of information and doesn’t need to call the IT Support Help Desk. (Tier 0 is not a paid per level services)
  • Tier 1 – Commonly known as T1 or L1, is your primary customer service when you contact the IT business initially. The T1 specialist will gather your information, determine what issues you are having from analyzing the problem, and then sort through different solutions. (T1 is a paid per level services)
  • Tier 2 – If your problem persists with no resolution, then a T2 specialist steps in primarily due to your IT issue is more complicated than the initial analysis showed. Your situation becomes elevated, and troubleshooting begins. (T2 is a paid per level services)
  • Tier 3 – At this level, your IT problem is at an advanced stage of difficulty, and a quick resolution is not possible. The Tier 3 specialist may need to call the customer back, because more research needs to be done, even to the point of contacting the software developers. (T3 is a paid per level services)
  • Tier 4 – A rarely used level, is listed because some IT situations require escalation beyond the IT company’s assistance, resolutions or troubleshooting. A hardware or software vendor may need to be called in to address or replace the hardware or software.

What Help Desk, IT Support Service, Must You Avoid?

Technical Support phone scams continue to plague businesses, large and small, as well as personal computer users. Out of the blue, you receive a call from a tech support department claiming to be from a large tech company like Microsoft. The scammer advises you they have detected a problem with your Windows program on your computer at their end and asks that you download a remote troubleshooting program to fix the problem.

Once installed and connected, the thief is now in control of the computer and convinces the user, they found the problem and can fix it for a price. If the crook is successful enough at convincing the user to pay with their credit card, and they do, the victim’s money gets stolen from their credit card and has fallen prey to another Technical Support phone scam.

An honest and reputable Help Desk IT Support company in Wilmington, Delaware, like the staff at Menark Technologies will never call you out of the blue, take control of your computer, and request you pay with your credit card to fix your computer software problem.

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Published By: Scott Clarke on September 3rd, 2018