Crocs In The Moat Are Useless If You Give Away The Keys To The Castle

Remember why you wanted to hire an in-house IT employee?

  • You wanted to secure your business against cyber-criminals.
  • You wanted fast response times.
  • You wanted someone that was dedicated to your success.
  • You wanted an informed opinion about how technology – and IT budget – was going to affect your growth plans.
  • You wanted someone there to answer employee tech questions.

But maybe you’re beginning to think that hiring an in-house IT tech wasn’t such a good idea after all.

What happens when your go-to, in-house IT person decides he’s “outta here”?

Who knows his job?

Who knows your network backward, forward, and inside-out?

Who is going to take over?

Here’s the problem.

You Invested A Lot In Online Security.

You put the crocodiles into the moat to keep out the bad guys…but then you gave away the keys of the castle to someone who can easily walk away from their job.

That’s what a local law firm found out recently when just days before Christmas, their internal IT manager bailed on them – just walked out the door.

Although he didn’t steal anything, when he walked out the door, a lot of important information left with him.

  • The knowledge of their systems that he had accumulated
  • The passwords to their internal systems, cloud applications, website backend, and website services

To rebuild that knowledge base and to reset all those passwords was going to be time consuming and expensive.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the law firm had an immediate IT issue that needed to be addressed.

What did they do?

Well, they had learned their lesson about giving all their digital keys to an internal IT staff member.

Instead of going through the arduous task of advertising their need for an IT tech, interviewing candidates, and taking a chance on a new hire, they reached out to Menark Technologies.


They did the math.

An in-house employee was going to cost them.

  • Salary
  • Benefits
  • Training Time
  • Sick/Vacation Days
  • Supervision Costs

Outsourcing Was Starting To Make A Lot Of Sense To The Firm’s Leadership

It made even more sense when they sat down and talked to the Menark Technologies team.

Outsourcing gave them.

  • The ability to cut their IT support costs by nearly 1/2
  • An entire team of IT professionals with a wide array of skillsets
  • An IT partner with the capacity to scale with their business growth
  • 24/7 Help Desk for their employees’ tech questions or emergencies
  • Strategic IT consulting to support their pro-growth agenda

And that was just the beginning of the benefits that the law firm was beginning to realize they could access by means of a partnership with Menark Technologies.

When the IT professionals from Menark Technologies came into the law firm to assess the situation and to fix the immediate technology crisis the firm was facing, we undertook a few essential steps.

  1. We made sure that the previous IT manager no longer had access to the firm’s computer network or cloud assets.
  2. We did a complete security scan to make sure there were no backdoors or other “secret” remote access paths into the network.
  3. We disabled all of the former IT manager’s email and corporate mobile devices.
  4. We reset all passwords on the network and other services – in-office and online.

A Law Firm With A New IT Support Partner

After sorting through their personnel departure issue, the security vulnerabilities brought on by it, and the other urgent IT issue the law firm was facing, we showed their leadership what proactive IT management, maintenance, and operational monitoring could do for their operations.

They saw the evident advantage of having a professional, insured, contract-bound IT company caring for their IT support and engaged the Menark Technologies team to provide them with a secure, user-friendly IT environment.

No longer does the law firm have to depend on one in-house IT guy.

No longer do they have to wait until he gets off vacation or gets back to work from a sick day to get their IT issues addressed.

They just have to pick up the phone or send an email, and the Menark staff is there to answer their questions or bring a resolution to an issue they’re facing.

Plus, they get this great service from Menark at about half of what they were paying the full-time IT guy.

The moral of the story…

Don’t Give Away The Keys Of The Castle To Someone Who Isn’t Contractually Obligated To You And In Your Corner!

Hiring an internal IT guy is not always the best solution.  They are expensive, they require management (which is hard to do if you don’t know technology), and they can quit at a moment’s notice.

Menark Technologies works closely with law firms and other professional services here in Wilmington and throughout Delaware and Philadelphia providing them with outsourced IT support that saves them money and secures their firm’s interests.

We provide a full range of IT solutions for law firms including:

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Published By: Scott Clarke on March 13th, 2018