Leading IT Company in Philadelphia

An open letter from Menark CEO Scott Clarke that enables you to get to know Menark and see why it's one of Philadelphia's most respected IT managed services.

Philadelphia’s Leading IT Company

An open letter from Menark CEO Scott Clarke that enables you to get to know Menark and see why it’s one of Philadelphia’s most respected IT managed services.  

Dear Business Owner,

My name is Scott Clarke. I am the CEO of Menark, an IT company in Philadelphia dedicated to helping local businesses optimize their IT set-up for maximum results.

I started Menark more than fifteen years ago because I enjoy working with companies to help them discover how to use IT to its fullest potential. It’s fantastic to take a mediocre IT set-up and use cutting edge tools and technologies to propel it, and our clients, into the future. There are so many new IT developments that can enable companies to do things they’ve never done before. You can expand your workforce, contract with expert contractors, offer fantastic customer services, get to know your customers better than ever before, and more if you have the right IT hardware and software for the job.

Sadly, we’ve found over the years that many business owners miss out on great opportunities because they don’t have the IT help they need and deserve. In some instances, growing companies find it challenging to hire an IT professional who can meet their needs at a reasonable price. The average salary for a computer network support specialist is nearly $63,000 a year, and that doesn’t include the cost of benefits such as paid leave, vacations, or medical insurance. There are also cases where companies hire an IT company in Philadelphia to provide managed IT services, only to discover the company focuses on problem remediation rather than proactive support.

The good news is, you don’t have to settle for no or sub-par services. Our team takes pride in offering the best possible services at the best possible price because we know that growing your business not only benefits you but for us as well. We have nothing to gain by watching your IT issues spiral out of control or waiting for problems to arise before we fix them. That’s why we offer proactive services and assistance to keep your IT network secure and running efficiently at all times. As our past and current clients attest, we hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence and take pleasure in not just meeting but even exceeding your expectations. But you don’t have to take our word or even our clients’ word for it. We offer an obligation-free, two-hour trial of all our services so you can get to know our team and discover for yourself why Menark is widely considered to be the leading IT company in Philadelphia.

Would you like to optimize your IT network and get speedy IT help whenever issues come up? If so, get in touch with us at your convenience. We look forward to creating a stellar IT set-up for your business that will enable you to focus on your core mission.