What Is The Secret To Finding Honest IT Services In Wilmington Delaware?

At the top of every CEO’s accountability list for IT Service providers, sit three axioms. They are, to be honest, always fair, and keep their word. But the most important of all three is to be “Honest.” We would all agree, at the very least, any business that consistently practices the first one; will build a good solid reputation and have loyal clients and repeat business for many years.

If, however, you are one of those business owners, who is no longer seeing that level of accountability, with your current IT Services provider, then it has become frustrating for you. Your disappointment level has risen so high; now you’re forced to make a potentially business altering decision that could affect your clients, your staff, and possibly your business as a whole.

You’ve thought about it and weighed out all your options. You are ready for a vendor change. A hard decision you did not take lightly or decided quickly. But the time has arrived to move on and find a new service provider in Wilmington, DE that will be honest, always fair, and will keep their word with you.

As you look around for new IT Services, like Menark Technologies provides in Wilmington, Delaware, you will have plenty of questions to ask as you begin searching online.

Here’s Where You Begin Your Search Online For New IT Services In Wilmington, DE.

As you begin your online search, the easiest way to get started is to enter these four targeted keywords: IT Services Wilmington Delaware. You will see from your search results, many different types of IT service provider websites pop up.

All are offering about the same kinds of services across the board. But with each reading, you may become a little hesitant or cautious about what each IT Services company claims. Most say:

  • our customers come first
  • we provide first class service
  • you can trust us with all your IT needs
  • available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • we have the #1 customer service rating in the area
  • and so on, and so on, and so on

So, if all providers are saying the same thing, who do you trust?

Let me begin by saying this, “Menark Technologies may not be the right choice for you.” Not that we wouldn’t welcome your business, we would. Our doors are open to all. But like those other websites, we recite those same words, because that is what we offer.

We will always state; we are honest, always fair, and keep our word with you, because we work hard at it. But making a vendor change, because those same words and accountability level were ignored; that’s a serious matter that even we understand why you are extremely cautious.

If you don’t mind, we’d like to help you in your search. Below we’ve created an easy hidden clue guide you can use to review, study, and scrutinize each vendor. Us here at Menark Technologies, invite you to consider us too before you make the switch.

3 Hidden Clues To Look For Before Switching Over To a New IT Services Provider

For any vendor to prove, they are accountable to your company, will take time. Doing business with them, over the course of 6 months to a year, you will then get an idea of how they conduct themselves. The standard type of interactions you or your staff are experiencing with the new vendor and their IT Technicians will show itself over time. Due to those conditions alone, you won’t know for sure if any IT Service provider is accountable at the start.

But there is an easy way to take a peek inside and find accountability clues in the company, by making a simple phone call. You may not know, but a lot can be discovered about any business operation when making that initial call. Such as, what’s said, how it’s received, and how you were directed to the appropriate person to assist you. What you uncover gives you an idea of how responsible an IT Security company is with their existing clients, by studying that initial call.

Clue #1. – Call in at 4:50 pm on a Friday First impressions are long lasting. You know for yourself each of your employees is fresh and alert first thing in the morning. Almost chipper and raring to go. They have a friendly tone to their voice and are quite pleasant over the phone. You also know those same employees 7-8 hours later do not sound like their morning selves. Knowing this, when you call-in to each vendor’s business, late in the day, what’s the first impression you got when speaking to the call taker?

Clue #2. – How Did The Call Taker Listen? Were they listening with the intention to understand your situation or listening only to respond? When a call taker listens with empathy, they want to understand what’s going on. They get involved and take extra steps to gather additional information from you. Now you have a clear idea about this company’s interest in you; their person took the time to listen to you intently and realizes the full scope of your situation.

Clue #3. – What Happened Next? After you spoke with the initial call-taker, were you transferred to an account manager, a salesperson, or maybe a technician? Did you speak with someone or did you get a voicemail? If you got a voicemail and left a message, how long did it take to hear back from that one individual? If you happened to speak to someone, was there the same sense of rapport and intentional interest as you had with the initial call taker?

In Conclusion

When switching IT service providers, you won’t know what level of accountability they will display. That comes over time. But when you make that initial call, remember your 3 Hidden Clues. What is said over the phone is more telling than most realize. Let us know how Menark Technologies did; we’d be interested to see what you uncovered about us.

Published By: Scott Clarke on June 29th, 2018