King of Prussia Organization Engages Menark Technologies for All Their Day-to-Day IT Support

A King of Prussia organization contacted Menark Technologies for its daily IT needs. Here's why the organization outsourced its IT services.

King of Prussia Organization Engages Menark Technologies for All Their Day-to-Day IT Support

Many organizations, including small and medium businesses (SMBs), are turning to managed service providers for their day-to-day IT needs. Most businesses are realizing that it is much cheaper and more convenient to outsource their IT services than to facilitate an in-house IT department. It is for this reason that a King of Prussia organization decided to get in touch with Menark Technologies, a premium provider of IT services, for its daily IT needs.

Services Offered by Menark Technologies

The organization from King of Prussia engaged the following services from Menark:

IT support employees from Menark Technologies communicating with their new client as they work on coding.

1.  Office 365

The King of Prussia organization was able to increase its efficiency and profitability through Office 365. Before contacting Menark couldn’t take full advantage of the program. For instance, the company could only exploit Microsoft Word and Excel, but had no idea how to use Sway, Yammer, and SharePoint.

The company would have needed time and resources to train and equip its in-house IT department with the skills and tools needed to exploit the full potentialities of Office 365. But partnering with Menark Technologies saved the organization from these potentially hefty expenditures.

2.  Complete IT Care

The cost of complete IT care can overwhelm many businesses, especially SMBs operating in Philadelphia. This is because the acquisition, installation, and maintenance of IT infrastructure are expensive. In fact, it requires professional labor to keep them running. Most SMBs want to focus on other areas of growth, such as their sales and marketing teams.

By outsourcing complete IT care, businesses are able to free resources and labor to concentrate on other important areas of their operations. This is because outsourcing is cheaper than setting up an in-house IT team. Indeed, the business pays only for the services received, not the expertise or the facilities needed.

3.  Helpdesk Services

Businesses reap plenty of benefits from IT technology, experience great problems when something goes wrong. A single minute of downtime can cost thousands of dollars, and this doesn’t include the loss of revenue and reputation occasioned when clients question the business’s ability to provide speedy and efficient services.

The King of Prussia organization in Philadelphia was able to improve the efficiency of its helpdesk services after partnering with Menark Technologies. Menark provides cutting-edge and reliable IT support that keeps every aspect of their client’s business running efficiently and smoothly at all times, keeping downtimes at bay.

4. Data Backup and Business Continuity

Without reliable data backup, the continuity of any business would be in jeopardy when a disaster strikes. Business owners have to ensure their businesses are ready for the unexpected. This is something that the organization in King of Prussia took seriously and approached Menark Technologies for help. The organization needed to have secure backup for their important files, operating system settings, and applications from hackers and cyber-criminals, natural disasters, and human errors from their IT personnel.

The best way to have secure data backups is to outsource those services to reliable managed service providers. These providers have high-end facilities in place and the expertise needed to offer top-notch services to beat the competition.

They also take appropriate measures to secure all client data and ensure it’s available when needed. Managed service providers have enough resources to invest in cyber-security, and are sure to keep your important information safe. By so doing, they ensure that their client businesses can continue with minimal downtimes in the event of a data disaster.

5.  IT Security

Menark Technologies builds and monitors cyber-security systems for its clients. Thus, giving them the peace and confidence to do business online. This is quite essential these days when cyber-attacks are at an all-time high. Cases of ransomware have hit several notable organizations in the business world, including top government agencies.

The business from King of Prussia was able to enhance its business activities, and serve its clients better online because of assured IT infrastructure security. Menark continues to monitor its IT systems to ensure that they are in no position to be compromised.

6.  Cloud Services

Menark Technologies employee using cloud computing services aas he is typing on his keyboard.

The cloud has changed the way the King of Prussia business does its business for the better. For example, the business now has a global reach and enjoys high mobility without necessarily moving out of Philadelphia. Its data and processes are even safer on the cloud than on its premises. With remote teams, its employees no longer need to physically located, thanks to premium cloud services from Menark Technologies.

7.  IT Consulting

Businesses gain tremendously when it comes to IT consulting. By partnering with reliable managed IT service providers, they won’t have to make the same decision over and over due to lack of insight. Talking to a professional IT consultant can open your eyes to various pro-growth business plans to take your business to the next level of growth.

The business at King of Prussia has experienced great growth since partnering with Menark Technologies. The business was able to make the right investments and expansion plans, as well as efficient marketing strategies that broadened its customer base.

About Menark Technologies

With over 15 years in the field, Menark Technologies has established its position as a top managed IT service provider. It has an efficient customer support team in place, where you talk to a real person, to guide you and offer any information you may need. You can also experience the success story of the King of Prussia organization today. Please contact us today to get started.