Law Firm IT Consulting In Philadelphia

Law Firm IT Consulting by Menark Technologies provides day-to-day and strategic leadership for your busy legal team. Let us analyze your current system.  

What to Consider With Law Firm IT Consulting in Philadelphia and the Mid-Atlantic

Law Firm IT Consulting by Menark Technologies provides day-to-day and strategic leadership for your busy legal team. Let us analyze your current system.  

If you run a Law Firm in Philadelphia, you may need reliable support to streamline your legal applications. Making changes that increase the efficiency of your workflow and operations can reduce your overhead and add additional layers of protection to your intellectual property. Menark Technologies can assist you by selecting software that improves your operations and in-house workflow.

We are happy to discuss your current set up and recommend improvements in the following areas:

  • Intellectual property docketing databases
  • Extranet and collaborative solutions
  • Case and financial management systems
  • Litigation support tools

If you need a customized solution, our consultants have the knowledge and expertise to design and implement one to your specifications.

What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Law Firm IT Consulting Company?

There are many benefits to hiring an IT consulting firm to handle your Information Technology needs. First, running a law firm is a demanding exercise and outsourcing your IT functions lets you concentrate on your caseload and growing your practice. Leave your IT concerns to us and save your energy for winning more cases.

No matter how small or large your practice, Menark Technologies delivers effective IT products and services that meet your specific needs. Also, our experienced technologists are familiar with law firm software and the inner workings of a busy legal practice. This means that we understand the lingo and won’t ask obvious questions that waste time you could use for billable casework.

What Services Should a Mid-Atlantic IT Consulting Firm Provide?

When you hire a law firm IT consulting company that you trust, you soon find yourself with more time to run the firm. Our services also reduce redundancy to alleviate the stress and workload of your support staff. All these improvements also lead to reduced expenses and a happier legal team.

Many law firms request technology solutions that help them meet deadlines and increase revenue. Our solutions include:

  • Time tracking software implementation and management — such as TimeMatters CompuLaw, TimeSlips and Worldox
  • Litigation databases including Summation, Lexus Nexus and Concordance
  • Remote monitoring and consistent support
  • Billing software
  • Accounting solutions
  • Date retention and email archiving

Why Turn to Menark Technologies for Law Firm IT Consulting?

Outsource your IT infrastructure and operations to a trusted provider. Menark Technologies focuses on the following service propositions for our clients in the legal sector:

  • Scalable and Flexible Solutions: Our services are adaptable and easily scalable to a growing practice and law firms with multiple offices.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Achieve a more cost-effective, productive and efficient work environment.
  • Maximum Uptime: If you are unhappy with your current support, now is a great time to switch. With Menark Technologies in charge of your IT needs, you can count on minimal downtime.
  • IT Stability: Our expert engineers, solid tools, and commitment to best practices produce a stable IT environment as dynamic as your legal team.
  • Security solutions: “Since law firms handle sensitive client information and may have international reaches depending on the size of their staff, these entities are hot targets for hackers. While there are various kinds of hacks possible, they all have drastic impacts on business operations,” according to Law Technology Today.

Stop worrying whether your systems will perform when you need them most. Menark Technologies provides proactive technology leadership and consistent day-to-day monitoring for the security and performance you and your clients deserve. Contact us today for more information.