Proactive Law Firm IT Services In Philadelphia

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Menark Technologies: Philadelphia Law Firm IT Services

Finding balance in a law firm can be a challenge, especially when the tools that you’re using aren’t working as well as expected. In a world where lawyers and their staff are increasingly expected to be “legal engineers“, it’s not surprising that attorneys need advanced technology in order to stay competitive in their field. These individuals are being asked to leverage AI to ensure that highly detailed privacy laws are followed to the letter, or their clients risk paying stupendous fines. With this layer of required technical knowledge, it’s not surprising that law firms are turning to trusted law firm IT consulting partners to help bridge the technical skills gap in their firms.

Using AI and Data Science to Select Cases

Attorneys may dream of a magic formula that will tell them whether they stand a good chance of winning a particular case — and this scenario is getting closer by the day. According to Roland Bogl, the executive director of the Standard Center for Legal Informatics (CodeX), “Every case that they lose costs them money, so they use advanced machine learning techniques and data science techniques to assess whether a specific case is a good case.” CodeX is teaching attorneys to become more conversant with technology early on, in the hopes that up to 20% of rising lawyers will become innovators and start to build software that helps the entire profession. While the technology is still being developed, it is a strong argument for firms to quickly enhance their current state of technical readiness.

Law Firm IT Services In Philadelphia Can Help Implement Software Solutions

Current and rising attorneys may have an exceptional level of technical ability, but that doesn’t negate the need for a seamless technology and communications infrastructure. Having the basics of a secure network, trusted data center and data storage procedures, clear telephony and solid computers in place allows your teams the space to focus on innovation instead of worrying about day-to-day challenges with your business systems. It’s vital that you find law firm IT consulting partners that are familiar with the high level of security that your business needs as well as the privacy laws that govern law firms.

No matter the size of your law firm, you need to know that your technology solutions will work seamlessly every time. That starts with having a law firm IT consulting partner that truly understands the needs of your firm and the unique challenges represented by the added security of working with legal matters. Contact the Law Firm IT experts at Menark Technologies today at 833-249-1834 or fill out our online form to see how we can best support your law firm.