Law Firm IT Services Provided by Menark Technologies

Menark Technologies specializes in law firm IT services and is here to serve your needs.

Does your MidAtlantic law firm require IT services from a reputable MSP?

Menark Technologies specializes in law firm IT services and is here to serve your needs.

Law firm IT services

Law Firm IT Services In Philadelphia

As a law firm, keeping your clients happy while maintaining the organization and security of your data and networks can be a challenge. For this reason, many top Mid-Atlantic law firms are turning to managed service providers like Menark Technologies to manage their IT.

Why outsource your law firm IT services?

A wide range of organizations is outsourcing their law firm IT support in general. From transportation companies and dentists’ offices to non-profits and small start-ups, they’re doing this in order to reduce operating costs and spend more time focusing on their core functions.

Law firms are no different. An increasing number of legal firms in the Mid-Atlantic region are outsourcing their law firm IT services to top-rated managed service providers like Menark Technologies. The benefits are all there.

For one thing, technology today is constantly in flux. Every day, new software is released or updated, and many old services and operating systems lose support. The result is a huge number of organizations with limited expertise in technology who need to maintain their digital edge, but don’t know-how.

Next, it’s important to remember that cyber hackers the world-over are always on the lookout for organizations such as legal firms who have weak cybersecurity. According to the American Bar Association, “Confidential data in computers and information systems, including those used by attorneys and law firms, face greater security threats today than ever before.”

This means your firm is, unfortunately, a sitting duck for crippling viruses and malicious software such as ransomware, which can permanently delete entire collections of data or shut off your system access entirely — unless, that is, you pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in ransom. Scams like these can put businesses under — if not financially, then by harming their reputation to such an extent that clients begin to leave in droves. Unfortunately, The U.S. Department of Homeland Security says that “The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has observed an increase in ransomware attacks across the world.”

From day-to-day technology services such as updating hardware and software, monitoring networks for security breaches, and fixing small problems; to large projects like completely upgrading your system or switching your data storage to the cloud, a managed service provider like Menark Technologies can take the burden of tech management off your shoulders — all for a reasonable fee.

How is Menark Technologies different from other IT service companies?

Whether your Mid-Atlantic legal firm is extensive and well-established or just getting off the ground, Menark Technologies can help you manage your information technology more efficiently, more comprehensively, and with less strain on your budget.

We do this by providing you with excellent customer care and top-of-the-line managed services. Our team is made up of the top Philadelphia IT services professionals in the business. With us as your partner, you’re sure to stay on the cutting edge of legal software, hardware, and data management and storage.

Furthermore, we take cybersecurity extremely seriously. We understand the sensitive nature of the legal world and the fact that your clients and you demand ultimate security and safety for your data. We’ll keep your business safe from cybercriminals by providing you with the ultimate in updated IT security measures, including email and spam protection, wireless and network security, and reliable data backup services.

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