The 2019 Guide To Preventing Law Firm Technology Headaches

The need for law firm technology support is growing by the day. Menark offers this guide to help law firms avoid the most typical IT Technology Headaches.

Law Firm Technology

The Ever Growing Need for Law Firm Technology Support

Abraham Lincoln taught himself all he needed to become a lawyer with books, and was a successful lawyer still well known for his impressive ideas and speeches. Nowadays lawyers spend their time in law school working and learning to search using computers, and their technology needs grow dramatically once they are working in a firm.

Law firms use technology for:

  • Storage, especially cloud technologies, so they can not just retain but easily search their files for possible conflicts and other relevant information. The information must be tightly secure because of confidentiality rules.
  • Marketing, because the attorney field is highly competitive and many potential clients will search for an attorney online. Gone are the days of phone books, with every firm listed in alphabetical order. Now there are ways to get your firm at the top of the search results.
  • Research, because no lawyer knows everything, but good lawyers know how to search for the information they will need to argue their cases.
  • Case management systems, so that attorneys can not only track the progress of a case but get reminders of important dates, bill the client, and send messages so their clients also stay up-to-date on the progress of every case.
  • Financial management software, which will track all the important expenses and income for your firm.
  • Web-based communication systems, so the firm has its secure communication system.
  • Other legal tasks, like contract creation and automated legal and document analysis.
  • And any other relevant tasks which can be handled faster, more securely and more thoroughly by using a computer application.

What Managed IT Services Can Offer You

A law firm isn’t just a business; attorneys foster a high level of trust with their clients and build relationships over the years. The client who needs help one year will turn to the same people who helped before, when new issues arise.

That is why there is a need for a high level of law firm technology support. You can’t afford to miss that phone call, but you also can’t afford to have to tell your clients that you can’t help them because your systems are down. Reputation is everything in the legal world. If you can’t be trusted to do what you promised, you won’t just lose that client but others who know about your failure to follow through.

The right level of law firm technology support will include all of this:

  1. Professionally trained technicians. While it is becoming easier to receive necessary certifications online, you should be able to expect the assistance of technicians who are familiar with your computer system and software.
  2. Industry familiarity. Law firms have different needs and challenges, and the firm providing your support will be much more productive if you don’t have to explain your differences when you ask for help with an issue.
  3. A very high level of customer support. Lawyers work long hours, and can’t afford to sit idle while waiting for the system to come back online. The best solution is tech support which is not only supportive and responsive but which is available 24/7.
  4. Increased data security. A data breach could cost your massive firm problems. You have access to clients’ personal information, including billing and financial data. You also have other data which must be kept secret at all costs. It is an ongoing challenge for IT support to keep up with any new updates or software patches, but making sure that your business has the best safety protocols is the only way to protect yourself.

How to Get the Law Firm Technology Support Best for You

Menark Technologies has already dealt with all the problems your firm is facing. We offer full-service computer and IT support to businesses in and around the greater Philadelphia, Wilmington, DE and South Jersey regions. We are different from other IT companies in ways that make our services a better fit than more traditional companies.

How Our Differences Help Our Clients

Because we operate virtually, instead of out of a specific building, we keep our costs low and pass the savings to our customers. We care more about having the best-trained talent and the most up-to-date tools to deal with any problems you may have.

We are open and friendly with our customers, keeping things simple so you always understand what is going on and what services you are receiving. No matter how technical the issue, we want to make sure you understand what we are doing every day to help you meet your goals.

Helping the Community

Menark believes in health and fitness, so one way we give back is by sponsoring sports teams in our local areas. We also partner with various local non-profits so we can work together to make the world a better place.

It is not surprising that this kind of work environment makes it possible for Menark to retain valuable employees, who keep their experience and relationships within the company for years. We have put together A Lawyer’s Guide to Preventing Technology Headaches which is open to everyone, whether or not you retain our services.

If your law firm is in the greater Philadelphia or Wilmington, DE area, we can help you with all your computer technology needs. The only way to know for sure that you are getting the protection you need is with constant vigilance, and you need a firm with the same goals. Responsive and flexible, Menark will tailor your IT solutions to meet your individual needs. Call us today so we can show you how we can help you improve your efficiency and maximize your assets while protecting your firm.