IT Support For Law Firms In Philly and Across The Mid-Atlantic

Legal firms throughout Philadelphia, Delaware and South Jersey are stepping up their game when it comes to their technology solutions. And it all starts with professional managed IT services.

Many small firms cannot hire a highly experienced team of IT techs. It’s expensive and hard to find just the right people for the job. By the time you factor in expenses like vacation pay, bonuses, insurance, and a 401k plan, it’s just too much money out of pocket each month.

Your in-house IT department can get lax at times. They may sit around drinking coffee and playing games all day for all you know. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you were paying top salaries for great IT pros only to find that they weren’t even patching your applications regularly? Believe it or not, an investigation discovered that this was one of the contributing factors to the Experian data breach. Though they had a large in-house IT department, these employees were not doing the basics like patching and upgrades.

This is one of the main reasons why so many law firms are now outsourcing their IT services. When you hire a managed services team, you get the benefit of years of combined education and experience. Since these people are interested in keeping your business, they’ll perform all their work to the highest standards.

Outsourcing offers numerous benefits such as:

  • Predictable Costs: An outsourced IT department is available around-the-clock for one monthly flat rate. Is your in-house staff able to match that? What if you have a significant network problem in the middle of the night?
  • Comprehensive Solutions: The Menark team will streamline your business operations with a complete range of dynamic IT solutions. You’ll reap benefits like a more productive staff, cost-effective IT solutions, and a more cohesive work environment for your staff.
  • IT Stability: We combine expert engineers, professional assets and a process for consistently delivering best practices. This helps you achieve a reliable and effective IT environment that makes it easy for your employees to get more done with fewer resources.
  • Talking Your Language: You need tech people who understand how your applications work and how your network should be configured to achieve ideal consistency between your software and your infrastructure. And they should be able to speak to your execs in plain English about your IT infrastructure.
  • Better Security: With cyber breaches now affecting law firms around the world, it’s important to be prepared on every level. Your employees should be regularly trained about phishing campaigns. Your networks and servers need a layered security approach to avoid breaches. Your entire system should be monitored around the clock for suspicious activity.
  • Maximum Uptime: When your law firm has the full range of Managed Services from Menark Technologies, you and your employees can get more done without frustrating delays or downtime.

IT Services At Predictable Monthly Costs

Does your IT provider fully understand the needs of your law office? Menark Technologies does. We provide a wide range of comprehensive solutions for law offices in Philadelphia, Delaware and South Jersey. Why not contact us to learn more?

Published By: Scott Clarke on March 30th, 2019