How Much Does Managed IT Services Cost In Philadelphia?

Discover the true cost of Managed IT Services in Philadelphia and the secrets other IT firms don't want you to know.

How Much Does Managed Services Cost In Philadelphia?

You must have heard about how managed IT services help organizations save on costs. Are you wondering if that’s possible for your business too?

Most executives do not know how much exactly they are required to part with for managed IT. It’s the least we can expect in an environment where the promise is to cut on cost, but the pricing is frustratingly opaque. Getting precise service costs for managed IT services is a bit challenging for enterprises of all sizes.

One thing is sure, though, outsourcing management of your IT helps you minimize IT costs. The question is — by how much?

At Menark, we understand that operational costs and financial due diligence are at the core of each organization’s concerns.

That is why we came up with this pricing guide.

Cost of managed IT services in Philadelphia

The Pricing Dilemma For Managed IT Services

A day cannot pass before a prospect asks us how much we charge for managed IT services. And our response is always the same — it depends.

There are more than 200 IT service providers in Philadelphia on the low, each supplying IT at different prices. While the service costs greatly depend on which support firm you contract, there is more to it.

Would you engage the services of an incompetent, but cheap, IT support company? Definitely not. But don’t get me wrong. IT services in Philadelphia are not expensive, neither are they cheap — it depends.

Take this scenario: You have planned to spend $3,000/month on the security of your networks. After an extensive audit, you realize that you need at least $4,500/month to safeguard your systems. What do you do — do you leave your networks vulnerable or dig a little more into your pockets? I guessed right; you will go with the dictates of your security needs.

What Is Your IT Budget?

Most of the time, firms approach us with already decided and fixated IT budgets. By doing so, you put us in very tricky situations. We can either fit you in a service tier that matches your budget or assess your network and unanimously come up with a reasonable alternative.

The truth of the matter is that IT is not like the other investments your company will make. If you were to buy one ream of printing paper from Office Depot, for example, you budget between $5 to $8. It’s very predictable and relatively stable; IT does not behave that way. It is fast-changing and depends on very many external factors. You could be spending $3500 for your systems’ security right now, but tomorrow morning it drops to $1000.

What does this tell you about drafting your IT budgets? Unless you are a specialist, always involve your IT team through the budgeting process. This does not mean that you accept every quotation they give even at the behest If putting your firm in financial jeopardy. No, it should be a combined effort aimed at finding reasonable prices without compromising your performance or security.

The tricky is in finding a balance between your IT needs and the budget prediction.

What Are Risks, Both Financial And Legal, Of Failing To Meet Your IT Needs

You must have heard of the phrase ‘cheap is expensive.’ When determining the cost of IT in Philadelphia, it is equally critical to consider the potential financial ramifications of failing to meet your needs or legal obligations. At times, mitigating these risks costs more than you’d probably spend on IT in a couple of years.

Here are our top three risks that you must be aware of:

  1. Network Downtime: If you are not careful, you will spend more bucks on handling network downtime than your monthly service bills. Perhaps the worst thing about systems’ snarl-ups is that there is no distinct way to measure the losses they bring about. You never know how many prospects we’re not converted into actual customers due to glitches in your systems. Whenever you are waiting on your slow browsers, are you deriving maximum value from your investments? While tabulating cost, it’s only imperative that you consider such factors. The Ponom institute estimates that a minute-long downtime can cost you up to $7900.
  2. Noncompliance Fines: This is also a major contributor to the cost of managing your IT. You will settle with that less experienced service provider because their services are a little cheaper, well and good. But, wait until they fail to comply with existing data regulations. You will not only lose financially. Such a scenario will massively dent your reputation, and soil the rapport you already have with your affiliates. The bad news is that reputation cannot be repurchased.
  3. Ransomware: In the United States, businesses spend up to $84, 116 on each successful ransomware attack. This should tell you more than anything else that it is cheaper to invest more in better security.

What are we driving at? The cost of managed IT services is not in its entirety the service bill you are required to pay — actually, that’s just a small portion of it.

Which Services Are You Contracting a Managed IT Service Provider For?

Of course, you do not expect to pay the same amount for on-site management as one who has outsourced remote support only. The IT functions you want to be managed for you will determine how high or low the service bill goes.

Whether you are going for full management or just outsourcing a few functions, you should agree with the service provider on the charges upfront. Be on the lookout for profit-oriented managed IT service providers; they will always find ways to extort money from you.

The Cost Of Managed IT Services Should Be Considered Wholesomely

The next time you are looking for how much you are supposed to spend on IT management, have a holistic approach. Look beyond the regular monthly or yearly charges.

It makes no sense to settle for lower service bills and subsequently spend more due to unsatisfactory services.

Got any questions? Talk to Menark Technologies today and let’s discuss how to minimize costs while optimizing efficiency.

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