Why Businesses Need Managed Services in Wilmington DE for Their IT Networks

It’s inescapable for those doing business via computer networks: cybercrime continues to rise, and now stands right next to other global threats such as weapons of mass destruction, catastrophic weather events and environmental disasters, and terrorism.

It’s inescapable for those doing business via computer networks: cybercrime continues to rise, and now stands right next to other global threats such as weapons of mass destruction, catastrophic weather events and environmental disasters, and terrorism. When asking the question, “Why do businesses in Wilmington DE need managed services?” the list of reasons is long enough that you should skip right to “Where do I find the best-managed services in Wilmington Delaware to fit my business needs?”

Global Risks and the Need for Better IT Managed Services

The 2018 World Economic Forum Global Risks Report now lists the next three most notable risks after weapons of mass destruction as environmental concerns because of how much damage they cause to land and property. To gather the topmost notable risks for 2018 almost 1,000 global experts were surveyed on their views on what are the biggest risks to the world at the minute. The risks ranged in categories of technological, economic, societal, environmental and geopolitical.

With cybercrime and natural disasters, you’re covering all those categories to some degree.

So, how important is having a diligent IT management team working for you?

We feel it’s indispensable — you really shouldn’t go without one, especially if you’re already feeling drawn in that direction instinctually.

According to CompTIA’s 2016 Buying Guide for Managed Services, 64 percent of organizations are using some form of managed services.

The study went on to say that the managed services market is expected to grow to $193 billion by 2020, which is a growth rate of 12.5 percent.

Deciding Factors for Wilmington DE Businesses

Over the last several years, organizations have become more familiar with managed services and are turning to them for management of certain IT functions, particularly email hosting, storage, backup and recovery, and network monitoring.

Whereas in the past, cost savings was seen as the primary benefit of MSPs, now customers are looking for additional benefits.

Here are the top 10 reasons from CompTIA your Wilmington DE business needs managed services:

  1. Improve security.
  2. A proactive approach to IT problems.
  3. Better uptime (the best MSPs can now guarantee close to 99.99% uptime).
  4. Gain access to newer technologies.
  5. Cost savings over in-house IT.
  6. Peace of mind.
  7. Free internal staff for strategic work.
  8. Tap into cloud solutions.
  9. Lack of internal IT.
  10. Handles remote office IT.

With cyber attacks on the rise, it shouldn’t be too surprising to see security at the top of the list of benefits of having managed services providers handling your business IT.

Cyber attacks: The Outstanding Reason to Have Professional IT Care in the Form of Managed Services

From 2014 to 2015, there was a 38 percent rise in cyber attacks, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers, and 43 percent of cyber attacks target small businesses, according to Symantec.

As reported in SC Magazine (UK), “The top five most likely events to happen this year globally, from most to least likely are: extreme weather events, natural disasters, cyber-attacks, data fraud or theft and failure of climate-change mitigation and adaptation. This definitely means that companies should pay attention and secure their systems so that they do not fall victim to attacks this year as cyber-attacks are considered so likely.”

Joseph Carson, chief security scientist (CISSP) at Thycotic concurs with this, saying: “Many industries are going through what is deemed as the fourth industrial revolution. With the maritime industry shifting to advanced technologies to help drive smart and intelligent shipping. These provide very exciting and innovative opportunities and are the biggest advance in maritime operations since the advent of the steam engine. Yet these technology advancements do bring major concerns in terms of cyber-dependency and the major concern of cyber-risks and threats.

“Cyber attacks are increasing and have become a global concern as many systems and devices that run critical infrastructure and decision making are now connected through the worldwide web commonly known as IoT.  This means that devices like web cameras and critical systems such as power stations are all connected.

“Public and private companies have become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks as established IT security controls are now failing to protect the current systems. Many companies are not moving quickly enough to new technologies, often because of cost and time constraints. As a result, cyber attacks have been deemed one of the greatest threat and concern to eight global economies – the USA, Germany, Estonia, Japan, Holland, Switzerland, Singapore, and Malaysia.

“This means that it is highly important that cyber attacks become an urgent boardroom debate; they are no longer an IT problem, but a whole company problem and everyone is now responsible for cybersecurity. Cyber-risks put the regulatory frameworks under pressure as they to adapt to these new high frequencies and high-risk economic threats.”

Because cyber attacks are a growing threat to organizations, looking for a way to boost security is very important for every organization, and MSPs can provide that extra level of security.

Does an Existing IT Department Preclude Having Managed Services?

The short answer is: No! You can retain your IT department (if you wish) while enjoying managed IT services. It’s simply far more cost-effective to have an IT managed services team handling all the IT “chores,” i.e., server monitoring and maintenance, security audits, and other routine duties, and leave your internal IT department free to pursue special IT projects pertinent to your business’ primary objectives.

One of the main concerns organizations have with managed services is that it would replace the existing IT team that they currently employ.

CompITA found that 53 percent of organizations that use managed services have kept their internal IT department the same, 15 percent had no internal IT department to begin with, and only 6 percent got rid of their internal IT employees.

Instead, what happens is that the MSPs allow the organization’s IT department to focus on more important projects that drive growth and revenue, and can keep the department running efficiently.

An article from CIO outlays the benefit of having a managed service provider (MSP) to an existing IT staff:

Bringing an MSP into the mix frees up existing IT staff to focus on more strategic projects. It elevates the IT staff and brings them out of the shadows within the organizations,” says Carolyn April, senior director, Industry Analysis, at CompTIA. “It allows them to focus on a custom app dev project or cloud initiative – something highly strategic. I think that’s a win-win for your IT staff.”

Is Having IT Managed Services for My Wilmington DE Business Cost-Effective?

The short answer this time is: Yes! Managed IT services allow organizations to focus on core projects and strategic initiatives, instead of the day-to-day operations. This saves money in the long run, and additionally, many managed services cost less than other traditional services and staff. Organizations that use MSPs have access to, generally, 30 to 40 IT employees (plus or minus) who are experts in multiple areas of the IT industry, including networking, storage, virtualization, compliance, security, software, and many more (as is the case with Menark Technologies).

[Source credit: SCMagazineUK.com, CompTIA]

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