Philadelphia IT Services By Menark Technologies

Get ready to learn about why Menark Technologies makes Philadelphia IT services that will minimize costs and steer your business growth in the right direction.  

For An Edge Over the Competition: Choose Menark Technologies For Your Philadelphia IT Services

Get ready to learn about why Menark Technologies makes Philadelphia IT services that will minimize costs and steer your business growth in the right direction.  

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Menark Technologies is the most trusted brand in IT services for the Mid-Atlantic region. Clients that have used our services definitely have an edge over their competition. That means from Philly to Baltimore, we aim to be your goto solution when you have IT needs for any business large or small. We have served many different industries including non-profits, healthcare, real estate, accounting and law firms, and countless other types of companies that need tailored solutions to their IT problems. IT questions need specific answers that will benefit a company’s long term growth and strategy. We have those answers. Get ready to learn about why Menark Technologies makes IT support solutions that will minimize your technology costs and steer your business growth in the right direction.

Philadelphia IT Services Menark Specializes In

We offer complete IT packages to get your business up and running from the start. This includes infrastructure and security analysis to get your technology set up the right way.

Then once your system is operational we have a “help desk” that will be on call to assist with any problems or issues that might come up. We know how tricky technology can be.

Our backup services will also document and preserve all the files and data you need to keep track of. We also offer disaster recovery, if there is a glitch in the system that shuts everything down, we will be right there with you to bring your business back online and operational. That means less downtime with our expertise ready to serve you.

We Understand Concerns About IT Costs

Knowing how expensive it can be to keep an IT company on retainer, we also offer a great plan that allows you to “pay as you grow.” This is our hourly service that gives you access to our entire team when you have a technology problem that needs fixing fast. Let our staff be on your speed dial whenever you might need us.

Did you know that companies spend between 4-6 percent of their revenue on IT costs? That’s according to a statistic that CIO Magazinerecommends most companies should budget. They have been a leading technology and IT magazine since 1987. One of their most talked about topics is how to balance IT costs and innovation.

With our custom IT solutions at Menark for your business, you will have the most up-to-date technology that makes operating your company go as smoothly as possible.

Our Founders Saw a Need for a New Type of IT Company

Menark was created by Scott Clarke and Mike Mendez about 15 years ago. They saw a need in the industry for better Philadelphia IT services in the Mid-Atlantic region that companies could afford.

The name “Menark” is actually a combination of both of their last names. These two men have extensive backgrounds in the IT industry and were pleased to come together to provide better solutions that were more affordable for the average company.

Why Our Philadelphia IT Services Are Different

Menark has a team of IT professionals that love what they do. With high employee retention and satisfaction, when you look to Menark for your IT issues, you are getting some of the very best IT professionals in the business. We are a relaxed and friendly company that doesn’t believe in making “IT speak” too complicated. All of our Philadelphia IT services are going to be explained in a way that makes sense to you, our clients, who just want to understand the basics of how a great IT system works.

Book Your Initial Consultation With Menark Today

Bill Gates, the creator of Microsoft once said that “Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without talking about the other.”

When you are ready to talk about improving your IT technology for your business, your first call should be to Menark. Just call our friendly staff at 833-249-1834, email us at, or stop by our website today to chat with us on IT solutions that will be just right for your company’s needs. Contacting us with be your first step in edging out the competition.