Philadelphia Property Management Company Calls Menark To Be Their IT Company In 2021

In February 2021, a Philadelphia property management firm selected Menark Technologies to be their IT services company. Discover more here.

Philadelphia Property Management Company Turns to Menark Technologies for Small Business IT Services

In early 2021, we were contacted by a Philidelphia property management company recently that was looking for reliable and strategic IT support for their small business. We were happy to help and eager to explain to them why Menark Technologies is the number one choice for small business IT services in Philadelphia.

Menark Technologies Provides Reliable IT Support for Philidelphia Property Management Company Starting In February 2021

We recently heard from the manager of a Philidelphia property management company who was looking to source strategic and reliable IT services from a team of experts. Their company had grown and business was good, but they needed some support from a team of IT experts to help keep business moving in the right direction. With more and more things to manage and coordinate and an increasingly virtual business environment to navigate, this professional was hoping that the right IT service and support would help their organization stay competitive and continue growing.

Above all, we were incredibly impressed by the thoughtful proactivity that this professional demonstrated. When it came to the value of professional IT services, this business leader didn’t need any convincing. They had come to realize that as business conditions evolve, a company’s approach to business IT must evolve too. So they did what we hope every business would do in this situation – they reached out to us for professional consultation and support.

Our team at Menark Technologies has decades of experience helping Philidelphia small businesses stay up-to-date and competitive with strategic IT solutions. We know how fast technological innovation can move, and we are committed to helping business teams keep up-to-speed so their organizations can benefit from continued growth and evolution.

When we heard from this proactive team of Philadelphia property management professionals, we were immediately eager to jump on board and help. We knew immediately that this was the ideal kind of professional to work with and we were excited to start developing customized IT solutions that would support their unique business needs and goals.

Their request got us thinking. We thought it might be a great idea to explain what this company was looking for in terms of IT support and how we rose to the occasion to support them. This way, other professionals who are looking for small business IT support in Philidelphia would know what Menark Technologies is all about.

What Kind of IT Support Does a Modern Property Management Business Require?

The great thing about the professional who reached out to us was that they knew exactly what they were looking for when it came to professional IT consultation and support. Not only had they realized that professional IT support was the answer, but they also took the time to consider what kind of support would best help their business thrive.

Since this professional heads up a property management company in Philidelphia, they knew that they needed an IT infrastructure that could support a flourishing business in an increasingly mobile business environment. They wanted our help assessing the best solutions to support their organization in an increasingly tech-dominated world.

Here are the specific kinds of IT support services they were looking for:

  • Comprehensive operational review & initial IT consultation – First, they wanted us to take a look at how they were currently doing things and assess their existing IT infrastructure. This way, we would be able to get a birds-eye-view of their current approach to operations & IT and make strategic suggestions for modernization & optimization.
  • Reliable IT infrastructure & consistent support – Next, they wanted our help implementing a reliable, up-to-date, and centralized IT infrastructure that would help them streamline daily operations and optimize their approach to doing business in a modern world. They wanted our professional suggestions about the best and most reliable IT solutions to support their business mission and wanted to ensure we would stay on board to support them consistently as they used it.
  • Data storage and organization solutions – They also wanted us to make some suggestions about the best ways to store and organize their data for optimal access, mobility, and security. Above all, they wanted something that was highly secure, entirely centralized, and easy-to-use so that all team members could access the data they need, whenever they need it.
  • Innovative virtual and mobile technologies – Finally, they were hoping we could suggest the very best in virtual and mobile technologies that would make communication and business more accessible on-the-go. From new devices to virtualizing software solutions, this organization was ready to make the move to the modern workplace and wanted our guidance to make it happen strategically.

Again, we can’t say enough how impressed we were with this client’s proactive and thoughtful consideration of strategic IT solutions. We knew immediately that we wanted to work with them and since they gave us so much to work with, we knew that crafting a customized collection of IT solutions to support their daily operations would be a breeze. It wasn’t long at all before we reached out to them with our detailed suggestions.

The Many Roles Menark Plays in Providing IT Support for Philidelphia Small Businesses

As soon as we got in contact with this property management business, we explained that we could support them with everything they outlined in their request. We also explained that they had gotten the hardest part of the process out of the way already – they reached out and asked for help when they needed it. Now, it was time for us to take the reigns and bring their vision to life with our strategic expertise.

Below you’ll find a detailed account of what we proposed for this organization. We thought it was important to include this here because we provide these kinds of IT services for Philidelphia small businesses every day. If your organization is looking for IT support in Philidelphia, these are the different roles Menark Technologies can play to support your business vision and mission:

Focused IT Consultants 

From the moment you sign on to work with Menark Technologies, we are committed to being your strategic IT consultants. This starts by hearing you out and getting a clear idea of what you need and what you don’t. Above all, we believe listening to our clients is the most effective way to develop a customized IT service and support plan. After all, our clients are the true experts when it comes to optimizing their operations.

Next, we will conduct a thorough assessment of your current IT infrastructure and examine it against your operational needs, challenges, and goals. We will identify areas that might be working well but we will focus on identifying areas that need improvement and we will be ready with concrete solutions for how to solve existing problems with strategic IT solutions. We’ll then make sure the new solutions you choose are implemented strategically, without causing any disruption to your operations.

Supportive Problem Solvers 

Once your IT infrastructure is implemented and optimized, our team of professionals will remain on-call and available to support you 24/7. No matter the problems our clients might experience or the time of day they might need support, Menark Technologies is committed to being the outsourced helpdesk for every business we work with.

This means if your team runs into a technical difficulty that is preventing productive operations, our team of specialists will do whatever it takes to have the problem rectified and the disruption minimized or eliminated. Even if you run into an issue after-hours, we have dedicated support-staff on-call to make sure problems are addressed effectively and efficiently.

Cybersecurity Specialists

In an increasingly virtual business environment, we know that keeping data secure is just as important as keeping it readily available. That’s why, when we suggest new virtual data storage and access solutions, we always make sure to implement the highest levels of cybersecurity to protect our clients’ data.

We’re also committed to making sure their entire IT infrastructure is secured from end-to-end. This means paying special attention to hardware and software, examining company WiFi networks, identifying security gaps, and patching vulnerabilities. Above all, we commit ourselves to an ongoing review of client cybersecurity policies and make sure that systems stay continually protected with the very latest security solutions.

Forward-Thinking Strategic IT Planners 

As we mentioned, the world of work is becoming increasingly virtual. The modern workplace is very quickly taking the place of traditional on-premise IT solutions. This means that when we work with a client, we make sure they know all the new and innovative technologies available that might help them optimize and streamline their operations. We never push new solutions on our clients, but we do ensure they are always informed.

We also let each client we work with know that we are committed to being their partner for their long-haul. This means offering annual or semi-annual reviews and consultations and having transparent conversations about how they might be able to up their game with innovative technologies. Above all, we see ourselves as the strategic partner of every business we work with, and we’re committed to supporting their business goals by keeping our eyes fixed on the long-term.

Looking for Small Business IT Support in Philidelphia? Menark Technologies is Here to Help!

Luckily, the proposed services we just described happened to be the perfect match for this property management company. It didn’t take long before we were hard at work, crafting a customized IT service and support plan to help keep their operations optimized and keep their business competitive.

We hope that other organizations looking for IT service and support in Philidelphia will feel inspired by this article and start thinking about the ways strategic IT solutions could be a game-changer for their business. If your organization is looking for small business IT services in Philadelphia, reach out to Menark Technologies. No matter the kind of support you need, or the industry you’re in, our team of IT specialists won’t stop until we’ve developed a customized IT service plan that suits your needs.

Give us a call anytime at (866) 339-0959, drop us a line at, or visit our website at to chat with a live agent and book an IT services consultation.