What Will Be the Most Powerful Business Drivers in 2020

For guidance on adopting business transformation through smart IT infrastructure changes, contact Menark Technologies today.

Business Transformation Can Transform Your Bottom Line

For guidance on adopting business transformation through smart IT infrastructure changes, contact Menark Technologies today.

Business transformation is about identifying techniques or processes that aren’t being serviced to their maximum capacity, and how alternate solutions can be applied to digitize or streamline technology, to further gain market share, increase revenue and customer satisfaction or reduce inefficient expenditure,” according to Entrepreneur magazine.

In 2020, businesses will continue to benefit from business transformationMenark Technologies provides guidance and IT support for small to midsize businesses in the Mid-Atlantic corridor. We can help your business get up to speed with tools that can transform your operations.

What Do Statistics Show in Terms of Linking Business Transformation with Technology?

  • 34% of companies have gone through digital transformation to achieve business transformation.
  • 44% of companies have adopted a digital-first approach to improving the customer experience
  • According to Gartner, 56% of CEOs said digital improvements have led to revenue growth.

What Are Three Reasons to Pursue Business Transformation?

There are three main reasons to pursue business transformation.

1. Find and direct your business to new strategic goals

Businesses often find new strategic initiatives by talking to their customers. They could also find insights by looking at a disruptor in the market and learning from them.

Advances in technology have driven business goals in the recent past. Business transformation uses technology to improve the customer experience, not the other way around.

Menark Technologies consultants get to know your business model and strive to improve the customer experience in every engagement we take on.

We understand that while companies crave new technology to meet their goals and to expand their business, it’s not always easy for employees to embrace change. That’s why we provide documentation and conduct interviews with key stakeholders before designing any new solutions for your business operations.

Introducing new hardware and software solutions can create friction if mishandled. That’s why it’s important to get it right the first time. We help you thoughtfully take an honest look at your business and prioritize areas that need to be changed to keep up with client expectations and help employees stay productive.

2. Keep innovation central to your business strategy

Enterprise-level organizations value innovation to enable new strategies. Even though a small to midsize business in the mid-Atlantic region may not have the full resources of larger companies, it’s still possible to prioritize changes that most impact growth.

To push past your current output and revenue models, you must be willing to try new things. Menark Technologies can help you get there.

True business transformation enables businesses to achieve better results for their company, their industry and the world.

3. Reduce costs without losing capacity

Legacy systems can hold up your entire business process and act as a roadblock to future growth. Moving antiquated systems into the cloud and rethinking inefficient IT processes are just a few of the things you can do to optimize your IT infrastructure.

Smart business transformation can pair technology with operational goals to cut costs and put future spending into process improvements. This increases output and shortens timelines between product production and delivery to the customer.

Automating repetitive tasks and making core changes that streamline processes can also reduce staff turnover. However, cost-cutting strategies require team buy-in. Often, employees themselves have the best ideas for improving their areas of the business.

For guidance on adopting business transformation through smart IT infrastructure changes, contact Menark Technologies today.