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Contact Menark Technologies today for ransomware removal and prevention for your Philadelphia or Mid-Atlantic business.

Menark Technologies: Top Professional Ransomware Removal in Philadelphia

Contact Menark Technologies today for ransomware removal and prevention for your Philadelphia or Mid-Atlantic business.  

“Ransomware attacks are on the rise and are considered an escalating threat for the foreseeable future. In 2018, Beazley Breach Response Services reported that 70 percent of ransomware attacks were targeted towards small businesses. Small businesses are primary targets, as they typically spend less on security, making it easier to hack into the systems,” according to the National Association of Insurance Commission.

Menark Technologies is an IT consulting firm with cybersecurity professionals specializing in ransomware removal in Philadelphia and the Mid-Atlantic. Contact us for ransomware prevention and recovery efforts for your organization.

Ransomware Philadelphia

What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware, or cyber extortion, is a class of malware that penetrates your computer system and shuts it down. It’s used to attack desktop computers, tablets, laptops and smartphones. Generally, attackers hold the data hostage by encrypting files and file directories until their payment demands are met. Once they have locked up the system, the hackers send directions to pay a ransom in exchange for access to targeted systems.

What Are the Right Steps After a Ransomware Attack?

The first call should be to an experienced IT managed services provider, such as Menark Technologies. Our consultants can perform or walk you through a recovery process appropriate for your situation. Here’s what a recovery scenario could look like.

  1. Don’t turn off the device since that could result in permanent data loss. For digital forensics to trace the attack, investigators need access to evidence in memory.
  2. Document Details pertinent to the nature of ransomware, such as pop-up messages, type of ransomware, and other details The FBI will request the following:
    • Point of Contact
    • Details of the ransomware variant, if available
    • Date/time of the cyberattack
    • A copy of the ransomware splash screen
    • Encrypted file extension type
    • Ransom note or readme file left by attackers
    • Email, URL or other contact left by the attacker
    • Required payment, such as Bitcoin address
    • Amount demanded
  3. Check local and remote backups.
  4. Restore from valid, uninfected backups.
  5. Report the crime to local authorities and the FBI.
  6. Rebuild the data
  7. Back up the encrypted data. This is needed in case a public decrypter becomes available for the virus.

Should You Pay the Ransom?

The FBI advises against paying the ransom to attackers to get your data back. Instead, it recommends taking the appropriate steps to prevent attacks and recover quickly.

“Another growing threat to businesses and individuals alike is ransomware. Last year alone, there was a reported loss of more than $24 million. The FBI works closely with the private sector so that companies may make informed decisions in response to malware attacks…The FBI does not condone the payment of ransom, as such a payment does not guarantee a victim will regain access to their data, will not be targeted again, and may inadvertently encourage continued criminal activity.”

You can prevent or recover quickly from malware infections with the appropriate detection, backup and prevention processes and procedures in place. Menark Technologies works with clients to develop a robust cybersecurity plan that also includes employee training to avoid falling prey to malicious emails, attachments and other methods used to infiltrate your security.

Why Choose Menark Technologies for Ransomware Removal in Philadelphia?

Contact Menark Technologies today for ransomware removal and prevention for your Philadelphia or Mid-Atlantic business. We’ve helped many clients prevent cyberattacks, recover from ransomware attacks and educate their employees on the dangers of phishing and other email attacks. Menark Technologies provides complete IT care for your organization.