In today’s technology-driven world, it takes a lot for a law firm to remain competitive. To do so requires using the right technology solutions. And with so many new and innovative software platforms for the legal industry, how do you choose?

You need an expert to help. Ask your Philadelphia IT company; one that’s experienced with the legal software on the market today. Not all IT companies in Philadelphia have this experience. Make sure yours does.

Questions To Ask Your Philadelphia IT Company When Considering Legal Practice Management Software

A good IT consultant can answer your tough questions. They should be able to fill you in on the pros and cons of each legal practice management software platform. This can save you a lot of headaches, time and money. The following are some questions to ask.

How Tough Will It Be To Import Your Data?

Importing your data will most likely be the biggest hurdle. If you work with Philadelphia IT company, they can handle this from start to finish. Migrating data can be full of pitfalls, and you don’t want to lose it. The right IT companies in Philadelphia can assure that everything is migrated correctly. They should be able to complete the migration during evening and weekends so your workflow isn’t impeded.

Can We Integrate Our Accounting Software?

Your accounting and billing is an important function. How will the new practice management program work with what you’re using now? Are there going to be conflicts? Is there any way to test the two programs to make sure they’re compatible? These are just a few of the concerns that attorneys have. In the world of billable hours, you can’t afford to have glitches and issues cropping up. Everything needs to be compatible so your transition goes perfectly.

Should We Eliminate Paper Documents?

If you’re worried about doing away with paper documents, don’t be. Many law practices are moving in that direction. But with so many documents to deal with each day, you’ll need ample online data storage for them.

Everything from emails to invoicing can be securely stored in cloud data centers. This will save paper, shipping costs, and lots of time. Online storage also allows you to access your documents from anywhere there’s a secure internet connection. This improves productivity and flexibility for you and your employees.

How Secure Is The Software?

Security is a big issue these days, especially for law firms. Your new practice management software should have the best protection built in. But your practice could benefit from other security solutions, and this would be an excellent time to integrate these. IT companies in Philadelphia that are experienced working with law firms are your best choice where security is concerned.

What Will We Get For Our Money?

The pricing structure for any legal tech software you review should be easy to understand and transparent. You should be able to see what you’re paying for and what you get for the price. How long will it be before you start to make back the cost of your new practice management software? Make sure you ask about the ROI.

What Are Some Reliable Legal Software Program To Choose From?

There are many, but make sure they offer support. Ask if they have a 24/7 hotline. You need to know if support will cost extra. When you first begin to work with a new software program, your staff will probably have questions and problems. The right IT companies in Philadelphia can also address these for you.

1. Clio: Clio can help you streamline various aspects of your operations, from billing to document management. It includes a time-tracking function and comes with customizable invoices to help you accurately keep tabs on billable time. This reduces the time needed for things like creating invoices. Clio also provides unlimited document storage in the Cloud. This makes it easy for you and your staff to access your work from anywhere. One of Clio’s best features is that it integrates with a wide range of common applications, including Google, Dropbox, Outlook, QuickBooks, and more.

2. MyCase: MyCase is an all-in-one solution for law firms that need to manage their practice. It offers many features so you won’t need to use multiple solutions. It will streamline your workflow by handing time-consuming tasks such as creating invoices, billing, and contact management. MyCase provides mobile applications and cutting-edge security to keep your records safe.

3. Diligen: Diligen provides certainty when it comes to due diligence efforts. With its sleek and easy-to-use interface, it combines automatic contract analysis and intuitive project management. It has machine learning capabilities so you can focus on essential tasks such as bringing on new clients. Your staff can focus on higher-level tasks while the Diligen improves the efficiency of contract review. Considering the potential for human error, you’ll appreciate its capabilities.

4. ROSS Intelligence: ROSS Intelligence also uses advanced Artificial Intelligence to perform legal research, and speed up the tasks that would typically take a lot of time to do. It also monitors developments in the law that pertain to current legal issues. You’ll be notified with real-time updates to keep your staff informed.

5. AbacusLaw: AbacusLaw is one of the most well-known case management platforms, and for a good reason. It offers robust tools designed to help manage all aspects of legal operations. Like MyCase, it provides mobile applications and cutting-edge security to keep your records safe. AbacusLaw is an all-in-one software solution that allows you to access all the information and features you need from one place.

Do You Still Have Questions?

If you don’t now, you probably will later. This is why it’s always best to work with an IT company in Philadelphia with years of experience in legal technology solutions. You’ll have someone on board who understands what’s at risk and knows the answers to many of these questions. They’ll be able to make solid recommendations and prevent you from making costly errors.

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Published By: Scott Clarke on May 18th, 2019