Improve Scheduling Processes With MS Bookings

Maintaining your schedule shouldn't be a hassle. That's why we recommend using MS Bookings for you and your business.

Easily Maintain Your Schedule Using MS Bookings

For businesses that regularly have appointments with clients or customers, maintaining an always-current appointment schedule is essential. It’s also an ongoing hassle for many of these businesses. With MS Bookings, though, businesses that need to maintain current appointment schedules can easily do so.

Scheduling Appointments with MS Bookings

Once the MS Booking software is in place, businesses can go into the platform and publish their availability. Timeslots with specific employees and business owners can be made available, and both ongoing availability or one-time availability can be entered. The services that are available for each time slot can also be entered.

After a business’ availability is entered, customers can then go online to the business website and book appointments at their convenience. When booking a timeslot, customers can select the employee, service, duration, or other variables that a business has set up in the system.

When a booking is made, the entire scheduling system is automatically updated to reflect the scheduled time. A notification is pushed to each connected computer or device that a business has, and the scheduled booking will be made unavailable to other customers so that there aren’t any double-booked timeslots.

Finally, a reminder is sent to the customer shortly before their scheduled booking. A business can adjust exactly what’s included in the reminder, and all reminders are sent out automatically.

Providing Convenience to the Customer

For clients and customers, the ease of scheduling appointments with MS Bookings provides extra convenience. Customers no longer need to contact a business by phone during normal operating hours, nor do they need to send a request after hours and wait until the next business day to receive confirmation. Even late at night on the weekend, customers can schedule a booking if they like.

Instead, customers are free to go onto a business’ website and schedule an appointment at any time of day and on any day of the week, and they instantly receive confirmation of their booking. Since only available timeslots are shown to customers, there’s no worry about them booking an appointment that can’t be confirmed.

Eliminating the Hassle of Managing Appointments

For businesses, the efficiency that MS Bookings provides can be extremely valuable. Larger businesses that have an employee field calls no longer need to pay someone to do this, or that employee’s time can be spent on other tasks. In smaller businesses where an owner does nearly everything, automating appointment scheduling frees the owner up to focus on other tasks that will better grow the business.

Additionally, the accuracy of MS Bookings helps eliminate scheduling mistakes. Even the most efficient scheduling method can have the occasional error due to human mistakes, which can lead to undue stress on employees and dissatisfied customers if their expectations aren’t met.

MS Bookings is Included in Many Microsoft 365 Suites

In many cases, businesses can benefit from all the MS Bookings offers without paying for an additional software upgrade. MS Bookings is already included in many Microsoft 365 suites, so a large number of businesses will find that they already have this software if they use other Microsoft programs.

Get Help with MS Bookings

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