Technology Companies In Philadelphia

Discover how your organization can hire the right technology company in Philadelphia with these 16 tips and questions.

Critical Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring Technology Companies in Philadelphia

What are the benefits of managed IT services? How do you find and hire technology experts? Outsourced technology companies offer IT support to organizations without IT staffing and those willing to supplement their IT department’s capabilities.

Corporate leaders who depend on their computer network to operate their organization should consider outsourcing IT support for cost-saving benefits associated with managed services.

Technology Companies in Philadelphia

Common Mistake when Hiring Technology Companies

Companies use computer networks with faulty backups, flawed systems, and security loopholes that are costly to maintain. Many organizations end up paying for substandard IT support services because they do not know how to find a competent IT consultant to secure their business networks. Therefore, business leaders must understand the basic things to look for in managed IT service providers.

Here are 16 helpful questions to ask a computer support company:

Before you look at the revealing questions, it is crucial to note that a competent computer consultant will answer “YES” to all the queries.

  1. Do you answer to live phone calls, and how long does it take to respond to issues?
  2. Do you monitor your client’s networks remotely throughout the day and night?
  3. Do you insist on checking both offsite and onsite backup options for your clients?
  4. Does your IT company carry out backups test to ensure no corrupt data is stored?
  5. Do you provide business leaders with a written network document outlining your software licenses, hardware information, and important network passwords?
  6. Do you provide other alternatives to improve a business network’s performance, or do you wait until an issue arises for you to come up with recommendations?
  7. Are your invoices detailed with information on bills to pay?
  8. Can you use simple terms when answering and explaining concepts to a business leader and IT teams?
  9. Can you handle a project within the stipulated time without requesting for more finances than was budgeted?
  10. Does your technology company provide any guarantee on services delivered?
  11. Do you dress professionally and keep time when visiting a client?
  12. Does your IT company have enough and experienced technicians to work on different networks?
  13. Does your technology company have the necessary certifications in this industry, and how often do they train their employees on market trends?
  14. Does your team provide details about project progress, or the client have to keep checking for the progress?
  15. Do you ask for fixed-fee or flat-rates for a project? What other payment options do you accept?
  16. Are you conversant with HIPAA requirements? Do you have HIPAA requirements certificates to confirm your IT compliance?

What Happens If Your Technology Consultant Fails this Test?

Corporate leaders with ten to seventy computers should ensure their network systems are checked. Both the health and security of your IT hardware systems is essential. Contact a managed technology company to review the security of your business networks. The IT consultant will keep all IT systems safe from viruses, spyware, and hackers to ensure no data loss, software corruption, and hardware failure.

What Are the Roles of an IT Consultant?

The right managed IT service providers provide solutions to ensure your computers and applications are secured and align with business goals. Technology companies will foster better communication and leverage technology to improve customer satisfaction in your organization.

Here are the roles of a managed IT service company:

  • Check security settings in the firewall to ensure that your networks are protected from cyber attacks like malware, hackers, and viruses.
  • Confirm that a business has updated security patches.
  • Check the backup system of your business network to confirm it accurately and properly backup crucial data and files.
  • Diagnose unstable and slow processors.
  • Check and remove spyware likely to steal the company’s bandwidth, jeopardize your computer system speed, and embezzle confidential details about a business and its workers.

Why Are Managed Services Important?

Cyber threats can attack your networks in many ways, start corrupting your data, control your accounts, or even use your business networks to spread viruses, illegal software, and spam. Managed service providers understand the various network updates and checks that must be done regularly to ensure maximum security, speed, and performance are enhanced in your organization.

Ignoring IT consultants’ services will expose your networks to online threats, and systems will progressively get unstable and slower. Regular system checkups are paramount to protect valuable business data.

Factors to Consider When Hiring an IT Consultant

After getting answers to the above questions about a managed service provider, go on and learn about their qualifications and competency. Read their reviews to find out what the other corporate leaders have to say about the technology company. A good IT expert company offers free consultation services to learn about the status of your business network and recommended resolutions.

Finally, hiring unknown managed IT service providers is dangerous to your company. Corporate leaders should learn about a computer support company before allowing them to access their network. Managed service companies will offer expert services that the in-house IT team lacks.