Ready To Go Virtual? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Getting more out of your technology and your devices is possible with VMware – but what do you need to do to make the most of it?

The difference between the technology of 20 years ago and the technology of today is primarily flexibility. Granted, if you asked professionals 20 years ago if they thought technology made their jobs more flexible, they would probably have enthusiastically said the same thing that modern professionals say today.

The reality is that both viewpoints are accurate, relative to what defined technological advancements of their respective time. Early personal computers looked like giant clunky boxes, while today’s sleeker machines are smaller than the yellow ledger notepads that are stocked in traditional office supply closets.

The laptop revolutionized the workplace – and the workforce. One of the first “laptop” concepts was first imagined by Xerox, but the late 1990’s brought the true explosion of the laptop computer on the market, redefining mobility and technology. Still weighing more than ten pounds on average, and requiring bulky bags, cords, and cables for on-the-go use, those laptops pale by comparison to today’s slim tablets and mobile devices and pocket-sized smartphones.

Mobile devices promise modern professionals more than just untethered productivity; today’s road warrior has nearly unlimited tools at their disposal with advanced technology, including incredible communication and connectivity platforms.

Virtualization software, or software that creates a virtual machine on a server for users to remotely access. VMware, the industry leader in virtualization software and technology, allows different virtual machines running on the same server to run independent operating systems while accessing the same RAM and network.

VMware removes the geographical requirement of a device. At a desktop, a user can still access programs, files, and information the same as if it were housed directly on the hard drive. And rather than house everything you need while on the go directly on your mobile machine, using VMware to establish a virtual machine that can be accessed from anywhere is the ideal solution. These are the main reasons why the use of VMware technology is skyrocketing in offices worldwide, establishing the foundation for remote access from anywhere, anytime. VMware is an indispensable solution for companies requiring the ability for remote access, and an effective way to keep costs down while providing secure mobile access. So how do you get started?

Why You Should Partner With A VMware Consultant

Partner with a VMware consultant to get the most return on your investment and equip staff with remote access. VMware consultants work with Wilmington businesses to streamline IT resources and make the most of virtualization efforts to boost productivity.

Benefits of partnering with a VMware consultant include:

  • Virtualization Design

Experienced VMware consultants will customize virtualization design options to meet the individual needs of a company and its users, which is where businesses see the greatest initial benefit. Your needs will change over time, and working with a VMware consultant will help you strategically align long-term needs and design a virtualization plan with future growth in mind.

  • Training

This is where companies see the most significant return on investment (ROI). Deploying VMware is one thing, and realizing the full potential for your team is another. Make the most of your investment by maximizing use, which translates into guaranteed productivity. The chief ongoing benefit for companies is the intrinsic uptick in utilization and productivity gained by the full-scale adoption of VMware, as it applies to your needs. Adoption and use depend on the understanding of the tools available through VMware, most quickly identified with knowledgeable VMware consultants.

  • Security

Working with a VMware consultant gives you added layers of security, including:

  • Maintenance
    • The ability to perform routine software and security updates without interrupting a user’s workflow is priceless. Reliance on users to install these updates through the course of their workday – or postpone installation – is the reliance on users to control cybersecurity protection measures. Virtualization simplifies routine hardware maintenance, since the maintenance doesn’t impact VMware operations, and eliminates the need for users to install software or security upgrades that impact productivity.
  • Recovery
    • Data access through VMware provides an added layer of security with virtual machine recovery, and nearly eliminate downtime. Administrators can move a virtual machine from one server to another if server issues, like scheduled downtime or catastrophic recovery are necessary.
  • Support

While VMware offers built-in tools for administrators, looking for a VMware consultant that provides ongoing support is crucial to keep your virtualization solutions performing at peak levels. Planning and training from initialization are helpful, but issues and questions undoubtedly come up after a period of use, and ongoing support prevents these issues from “snowballing”.

There are a variety of VMware solutions available, from beginner to advanced, and a VMware consultant will help you find the right solution for you.

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Published By: Scott Clarke on July 24th, 2018