Who Provides The Best Business IT Services In Delaware? Six Things to Look For.

When you are looking for business IT services in Delaware, you don’t really want to be looking for who has the newest office or the fanciest sales pitch.

What does it mean to be the best? Does it mean the newest and the fanciest?

Not necessarily.

New doesn’t always mean great.

Fancy is sometimes just a smokescreen for incompetence.

So, when you are looking for business IT services in Delaware, you don’t really want to be looking for who has the newest office or the fanciest sales pitch.

So, if the newest and the fanciest doesn’t determine where you can find Delaware’s best business IT services, what criteria should you use?

Here are six things you should look for in your business IT services provider.

#1 – Business Savvy

There are dozens, if not a few hundred computer repair shops in Delaware. Most are just small operations that take care of home-based computer users. They do stuff like install programs, remove simple virus infections, and sell computers. But when it comes to companies that do business IT support, a company like yours wants more than someone who knows the inner workings of computers. You need a team of individuals who know the inner workings of business and how to leverage the latest in technology to give your business a fighting chance against your bigger competitors. Having an IT consultant on your side that has done a deep dive into how your company works, its processes, and your near-term goals enable you to get executive-level advice and stay competitive.

#2 – Proactive Approach

If your company hasn’t been hit with a cyber attack yet, consider yourself very fortunate. Syndicates of cyber-criminals make it their mission to target companies in the United States every day. They use everything from social engineering and phishing tactics to ransomware, spyware, and adware. Each day, these criminals are successful in stealing data worth millions on the black market and doing irreparable damage to companies just like yours. So, how does a proactive approach to IT management and maintenance address this epidemic? By hardening your systems against attack ahead of time and monitoring your systems for any anomaly that may suggest an intrusion, IT professionals can stay ahead of the criminals who want to do you harm.

#3 – Budget-Friendly Payment Schedule

Businesses run on budgets. It’s that simple. But how does your company budget for something like computer crashes, ransomware attacks, and unexpected data loss? Running your business is hard enough without unexpected computer repair bills and technology cost overruns. The solution to costly surprise bills is called “Managed IT Services”. Managed IT Services is the opposite of a break/fix strategy. Instead of paying an IT support team to come in like a fireman to fix your computer when it is fried, you hire a company like Menark to keep your systems running in top form – avoiding the pain of downtime and the cost of surprise break/fix bills. Companies that offer Managed IT Services provide this kind of proactive, budgeted IT service for a monthly fee that works well within your current budgetary structure.

#4 – Friendly, Approachable Staff

If your first impression of a prospective Delaware company that supplies business IT services is negative because of the staff that they have hired, don’t pursue that business relationship. Why? Because if their techs aren’t friendly, helpful, and approachable during the sales process, they aren’t going to get any better attitudes when it comes to their involvement in the day-to-day support of your IT infrastructure. Be careful to watch how they interact with your staff. Watch to see if they can explain complex technical problems in a way that the average person can understand. Study them to see if they are careful to listen to a problem, or if they are determined to push their solutions without giving consideration to what is being said. How do they answer their phones and their emails? Are they professional in their speech and appearance? All of these things matter. Why? Each is an indication of how seriously they take their work and how much respect they have – or don’t have – for you and your staff.

#5 – The Solutions Your Business Needs

It doesn’t matter how friendly a company is – or how cute their mascot is – if they don’t offer the IT services your company requires. Let’s face it. There are some great businesses out there that don’t have the maturity to handle bigger clients or clients with more demanding portfolios. There are even good Managed IT Services providers here in Delaware that aren’t up to handling the more challenging accounts – and that’s okay, as long as those companies stay in that lane. But don’t let an inexperienced company with limited services and solutions practice on your dime! The best business IT services company for you is going to be the one that offers pro-growth IT solutions such as:

#6 – A Team with Diverse Skillsets

A business IT services company in Delaware has to be ready for anything. After all, businesses go through phases and their technology has to support them through each stage of their development. The problem is that a company consisting of only a few technicians with the same or similar IT skillsets will only be able to support your growth for a finite period of time. Why? Because you will eventually outgrow them. Starting a relationship that is doomed to ultimately fail is unwise. By seeking out a business IT services company that has an entire team with a diverse array of skills is vital. In addition to a diverse skillset, that company should encourage their staff to continually upgrade their skills and stay current with leading-edge technology developments.

Sorting through all your business IT services options here in Delaware can be daunting. But by taking the time to examine the prospective technology support partner through the lens of these six indicators, you can weed out the sub-standard providers and spend your time investing in an IT support partner that will serve you well now and into the future.

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