VMWare Consulting in Delaware (Questions/Answers)

Virtualization technology managed and maintained by IT services companies has helped businesses optimize the utilization of their IT infrastructure and has allowed them to reduce their IT spending. Virtualization is a method of running multiple operating systems on a single physical server. It’s estimated that more than 75% of servers worldwide are virtualized.

What Should You Know About VMWare Consulting in Delaware?

Virtualization technology managed and maintained by IT services companies has helped businesses optimize the utilization of their IT infrastructure and has allowed them to reduce their IT spending. Virtualization is a method of running multiple operating systems on a single physical server. It’s estimated that more than 75% of servers worldwide are virtualized.

VMWare, is the leading provider of virtualization technology, with a market share of more than 50%, three times that of its closest competitor. VMWare has been helping Delaware businesses like yours optimize their IT spending for more than 30 years. VMware offers technology that allows businesses to optimize the use of their IT assets and resources as well as protect the systems, data, and applications that support business processes.

In this article, we are going to look together at some of the benefits that designing and implementing a virtualization strategy can bring to your business, the products that VMware has to offer, and how an experienced service provider like Menark Technologies can help you with VMWare Consulting in Delaware.

What Are the Benefits of Virtualization for Small to Mid-Size Companies?

Improved resource utilization: VMware virtualization allows businesses to make better use of their computing power, it is estimated that by using virtualization, the utilization rates for servers can go from 5-15% up to 60-80%.

Increased IT staff productivity: VMware infrastructure is easy to deploy, use, monitor, and manage. This ease of use helps administrators be more efficient in their daily tasks. Also, the reduction of physical servers means fewer devices to manage.

Improved Resilience: VMware virtualization helps businesses protect the critical data and applications that keep the business running with near zero-downtime for hardware maintenance – eliminating the need for maintenance windows.  With VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager, administrators can plan and test the recovery of virtual machines.

Improved Availability:  VMware offers a set of features and capabilities that help Delaware businesses increase the availability of their applications and IT services. With VMware vSphere HA, administrators can lower application downtime by rebooting a machine that has failed on a different host. VMware vSphere vMotion, allows administrators to move workloads from one server to another, with zero downtime. This means that virtual machines do not have to be shut down before moving them.

What Solutions Does VMWare Offer for a Business Like Yours?

VMware offers a variety of solutions to help small and mid-size businesses reduce the cost and complexity of their IT investments and ensure business continuity. For simplicity, we have grouped the solutions into two categories: entry-level solutions, aimed at organizations that are starting to consider virtualization, and advanced virtualization solutions for businesses that required a more complex setup.

Entry Level Virtualization Solutions:

VMware offers a set of solutions that help organizations to quickly start experiencing the benefits of virtualization:

  • VMware Server, a free virtualization software that enables companies to partition a physical server into multiple virtual machines.
  • VMware Converter, a free VMware virtualization product that can be used to easily convert physical servers into virtual machines running on VMware Server. This tool allows administrators to consolidate underutilized hardware onto the VMware virtualized servers easily.
  • VirtualCenter for VMware Server, a free, centralized management platform for VMware virtualized servers. It is ideal for businesses that have several servers running with virtual machines and want to simplify their administration.
  • VMware Workstation, a desktop virtualization software that allows users to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on a single PC. It is ideal for developers or IT administrators that want to take the power of VMware to their computers.

Advanced Virtualization Solutions

For companies looking for enterprise-class functionality, there are additional VMware products that will provide the next level of virtualization benefits:

  • VMware Infrastructure 3 is the most used infrastructure virtualization software. It has a rich set of features and provides businesses with the capabilities to implement a scalable, high available virtualized infrastructure.
  • VMware VirtualCenter is a management tool that allows administrators to manage the entire VMware environment through a single interface. It provides the ability to rapidly provision virtual machines and monitor the performance of physical servers and virtual machines.
  • VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, allows a Delaware company like yours to virtualize its desktops. In this scenario, all the computing activity on the deployed virtual desktops takes place on centralized servers. A Virtualized Desktop can perform the same tasks and operations as a regular desktop, but the centralized nature of the virtualized desktop architecture, allows organizations to simplify management and reduce costs.

What to ask when looking for VMWare Consulting in Delaware.

If you want to take full advantage of the benefits VMware virtualization technology can have for your business, you should partner with an experienced service provider like Menark Technologies.  Here are some of the things you should look for when talking to your service provider:

  • Proven Track Record: You are looking for an experienced provider that understands the true and long-term impact of virtualization on your business operations and how virtualization aligns with your business goals. Ask for references and speak with the firm’s past clients to get an idea of the impact.
  • Support Model: Although VMware offers a set of tools to make administration easier, you still need to perform maintenance and upgrades, ask your service provider what its support model is, and how will they assist you once the implementation is done. Ongoing support is critical.
  • Strategic Vision: Virtualization technology has become a key aspect of every IT organization, you should partner with a provider that can help you create a plan for success that leverages your existing assets and creates a plan that can grow with your business.
  • Customization: Every implementation is different, and your needs and requirements will change over time. Your VMware consulting services provider should have the flexibility to customize a solution that not only fits your current needs but can also be adapted to future needs.

Why Menark?

Menark Technologies proudly helps businesses optimize their IT spending with VMware Consulting in Delaware. Our consultants offer you in-depth knowledge of VMware architecture and administration and will assist you with the design and implementation of your VMware virtualization projects.

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